Thursday, March 14, 2013

Party Crashers

Apache Junction, AZ  High 95  Low 63

That would be us. Last Tuesday I was visiting with Retired Rod via e-mail and he happened to mention that he was meeting up with Ray and Cindy for lunch. So Jim and I crashed their party.

Rod, Cindy, Loyce


It was so wonderful to get to Fuddruckers and see Gordon standing outside visiting with Ray. We haven’t been able to meet up with Gordon and Juanita this year. They have the neatest Beagle named Abbey. Such a wonderful surprise.

Gordon, Juanita, and Ray


I always find it amazing that RVer’s and bloggers never seem to run out of things to talk about when we get together. And like Jeri  said in her comment, food always seems to bring us together.


  1. new or old friends, food always brings everyone together! so glad you got to meet up with Gordon and Juanita!

  2. Food is definitely the common denominator. We all like to eat.

  3. That's right. RVers never fail to find something to talk about. Seems it's the RV-life itself which is so exciting. And of course, we are all great pals. :-)

  4. We always enjoy meeting up with our dear RV friends. We will be meeting up with two new ones next Wednesday. We have been following each others blogs for a few years but never have been in the same place at the same time. This will be another wonderful experience we are both looking forward too.

  5. Guess because we love food and we love similar things so everyone is a perfect match. Great fun!

  6. You are so right about us bloggers. Always have plenty to talk about.

  7. And I always thought that you were a dignified and classy lady, now I find out you like to crash parties. What's next, crashing weddings??? ;c)

  8. We all know so many people there's always someone to talk about. :)

  9. That was a pretty nice group of folks you 'crashed' - congrats!


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