Friday, March 22, 2013

I Am A Card Carrying LEO

Apache Junction, AZ  High 82  Low 50

First – Great News – Jim’s bone scan came back clean.

Second – Bad News – we still don’t know what is wrong with Jim’s upper back. So back to the drawing board.

These last couple of days have really proved just how dedicated I am to the LEOs. I am worthy to be a member of the Let’s Eat Out club.

On Wednesday we went to the last Escapees Chapter luncheon until next November. Nice turn out of 51 folks.


Then I got an e-mail from Diana. She and Phil were going to be at Superstition Skies Wednesday night.  Key was also going to be there along with Diana’s sister, Barbara and Ron. Couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Can you believe I didn’t get any pictures. Not a one.

Normally Brant and Kerry play on Wednesday nights but this time Brant was there with a different guitar player and a woman on the keyboard. They were good but I missed the B & K show.

We got there early enough we were able to visit before the place got real busy and noisy. Diana and Phil pulled out the next morning headed for a WIN dance get together in Texas. Barb and Ron aren’t sure when or where they’re heading and Key is going to stick around like we are until May or so.

Yesterday Jan and Bill wanted to go to lunch at Portillo’s which just opened about a month ago in Scottsdale. They picked us up and off we went.

This was the end of the line when we got there but it rapidly grew behind us. The line goes all the way to the front, across the front, and down the other side.


More of the line.


What is amazing is that it only took us about 10 minutes to get through the line with maybe another 7 minute wait for the food to be ready. They really have it down to a science. Jim had an Italian Sausage sandwich, I had a hot dog, Jan had the Italian Beef sandwich and Bill had a combo sausage/beef sandwich. Everybody was really happy with their choices.


After lunch we took a ride out to Saguaro Lake and then they dropped us off at home so we could get ready to go out to dinner with Ginny and Mickey at Golden Corral.


I haven’t been to a GC in probably 25 or 30 years. I as pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. And of course, they have the most wonderful thing of all:


So I’m definitely a proud card carrier of the LEO’s.


  1. Looks like to me you're active enough to be president of the LEO's.

  2. Ewww can you get me a card too? So happy to hear that Jim's scan came out ok.

  3. yay! for Jim .. boo for upper back.
    yay! for the LEO's... now that's a club I could get into... what fun!

  4. I first thought LEO stands for Law Enforcement Officer, and then I thought of the constellation LEO and astrology. I would never have thought of Let's Eat Out! I guess you can see the direction that my mind runs in.

  5. Wow all those eats and good company too. What could be better.

  6. Yikes...I don't think we could keep up with you two. On most days, we try to squeeze in one meal. You sure do have a great time with your friends.

  7. I don't remember Golden Corral having a chocolate fountain. Guess I'll have to go see for myself. :)

  8. Never been to a Leo function, but I'm ready!!! LOL

  9. Geez, Sandie, glad for the good news. Back news not so much. I can empathize. They didn't find the entire story of my back until they did a myleogram--maybe they'll find what's wrong in a different type scan. If it's not making him scream, they do have medicinal aid for pain--it took them 15 years to find out what was wrong with my cervical spine. Turned out I was wired wrong (which was no surprise to anyone who knew me). I hope they can get him fixed up--no fun this pain thing. How's the Scooter doing?

  10. Nice to see Jan and Bill(we saw them at Boomers Rally in Lake Havasu City) and Ginny and Mickey.

  11. Hey, you didn't tell us that you are a card carrying Leo! We could have had a ball in Q and surrounding cities!

  12. That's good news about the bone scan. It still might be good news about the upper back too. Hopefully you'll find out soon.

  13. Congratulations on the bone scan results - that is great news! You really have been eating out a lot. I can get on board that train.

  14. Hey what a coincidence I JUST ate at a Golden Corral..first time for me in over 15 years. Didn't know they had them out west!

  15. Just don't try to use that LEO card to get out of a speeding ticket... ;c)

    Great news of Jim's scan!

  16. Congrats to Jim on his bone scan - great news!

    I always thought I was a Gemini but after reading your blog I realized I'm a LEO too!!

  17. Definitely good news on the bone scan.

    You guys DO eat out a LOT. Too expensive for my budget. LOL

  18. Great news! What a relief...

    I like that LEO club....are you accepting new members? Sounds like the best part of that club is the people ! Enjoy....

  19. Never heard about LEO club before.
    We are more like LENO or LEAH people ;))

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I sure hope Jim is feeling better!

    I just loved my time in NM. Can't wait to get back there in the fall. Maybe we'll see you there!


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