Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adrenalin Rush

Avondale, AZ   High 82  Low 57

This post is going to be mostly pictures. Jim had a fantastic, wonderful, fabulous day.

Waiting in line to register.




The Winner’s Circle (and no they don’t get to drive the car over to this area.)


Even the ice machines are dressed for the race.


P1020538My BIL, Don, went with us. I really tried to talk him into taking a Ride-A-Long but he said next year he’d go for it. I’m not going to let him forget. When we picked him up he wanted to know if we were going to stop by Lloyds. Could not figure out what he was talking about until he said Lloyds of London. We all cracked up on that one.

 Getting to that shoe gets harder as we get older.


Al and Marv are from our RV park and came out to watch all the excitement.


We also signed Jim up for a three lap Ride-A-Long. This gave him a chance to learn about the track before he actually went out and drove it.


And he got to ride in the 88 car. For those of you who aren’t race fans that is the number on the car that Dale Earnhardt, Jr drives. He’s Jim’s favorite driver in NASCAR.


After the ride-a-long, it was his turn to climb in and take the wheel. Everything worked out really good today because he got to drive a Chevy. He didn’t even have to ask for it.


This program is the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience. The one in Charlotte, NC was the Jeff Gordon Driving Experience.


Time to climb into the car. This is why I don’t do a ride-a-long. There is no way I’m going to fit through that window.


I did take several videos of him driving around the track and we can watch them on the camera. But for some reason I can’t get them to play on the computer and I can’t get them to load to the blog. We did get a video of Jim’s face as he drove and also of what he was seeing out the window and hopefully when we get that I can upload a snippet of that.

He kept hitting the rev limiter and was ready to go faster. I’m glad that 155 was his limit. He passed a couple of slower cars and couldn’t believe his 12 laps were up already.


So not only do you have to get in that window, you also have to get out that way.


                  NASCAR JIM


This is Jim talking now.  Wow what a great day, Thanks my love!!!


  1. Awesome! Gonna do that one day! I would have to pick the 24 car though!

  2. I just think of where Jim was a year ago and cannot believe how good God has been to him. What a day of memories you two have had. Hope he can come down from his high so he can sleep tonight.

  3. Great present from you to Jim, he sure looks happy.

  4. Wow, were I there, I would have gone to watch too!!! What fun!

  5. Cool deal, he could have driven longer if he'd gone slower, but where's the fun in that. I'll be watching for him on the circuit.

  6. That's fantastic. The ride of a lifetime and he's done it twice!

  7. Racing around the track vs relaxing in the boat. What a versatile man!

  8. Atta boy Jim. You did something a lot of us fellers would like to get a chance to do some day but probably never will. A checkered flag day for sure.

  9. OH, my gosh, that is so cool! And Jim is pretty brave - I wouldn't have the guts.

  10. I would certainly think Jim would have loved that. He loves fast cars so certainly bet that this day was very special. Sometimes blogs with mainly pictures say more than ones with mainly words.

  11. Look out Dale Jr, Jim's on yer tail!!! And he'll pass ya too, if it wasn't for that danged rev limiter ..... LOL

  12. How exciting. I didn't realize you had to go in and out through the window. I'd be claustrophobic inside the car knowing I could only get out the window. Jim is brave!

  13. I bought my husband the ride-along at the Indianapolis Speedway as a surprise. The next surprise was the ride-alone that I had also bought.

    The two toughest parts were watching him slide into the window opening with a much younger man doing a lot of pushing and shoving to get him through the window.

    The next part was seeing my husband's elbows shaking after finishing the ride-alone at 164 miles an hour with the broadcaster saying "SLOW DOWN".

    I had no idea that elbows could shake like that.

  14. fantastic day for Jim and you too!! not an event he will forget anytime soon!

  15. What an experience! I had no idea "civilians" were allowed to go that speed. It's always fun reading about the adventures like this.

  16. Woow,I just put on my list to do....never done it before,way to go.

  17. Looked like fun adventure, glad he enjoyed it. Enjoyed seeing the pic's.

  18. Only 155 mph? That speed limiter really spoiled his fun! :c(

    On the other hand, it looks like he really enjoyed it. What a great "Guy" gift! ;c)

  19. Eek! Good for Jim. That's not something I'd want to do.

  20. Sandie, what a great day for Jim. I think I said it, already, but one of my sons is a great NASCAR fan. Glad you had the opportunity to see that big grin on his face. You're a good wifey. ;-)

  21. What fun! going from putting on his shoes to sliding in through a window! hah! and doesn't he look handsome walking back to you in that snappy outfit! make yer heart race, Sandie? looking good....

  22. What a great experience, Jim! I am really envious of you.

  23. John says that he is jealous and thrilled that Jim had such a great experience. Sandie, you are a good wife.

  24. How fun! If I was a few years younger and a few pounds lighter I would do that in a heartbeat.

    If you have a you tube account, you can upload your videos there and it is easy to post to the blog from you tube. Works real easy. Hope you are able to get some videos up of Jim's ride. That would be fun to see.

  25. I'm proud of him just being able to get in and out of that car!

  26. What a day, let me add another WOW!

  27. It was nice to spend a little time with you guys this evening. I should have read your blog before we came. This Nascar thing Jim did is really, really cool. And he didn't hold back. If I tried it, I'd probably go around at about 80mph. Very impressive!

  28. NOPE not me ! Maybe 30 years ago - not now for sure. Jeeze, I would not even have been able to get in the car due to my bad back ! LOL

  29. That had to be a lot of fun. One day I'll get to do it. I hope.



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