Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dinner with Bloggers

Apache Junction, AZ  High 86  Low 52

One of these days I’m going to get caught up on blogging and reading blogs. I finally finished a couple of tax returns. Now I can tackle ours. But I really don’t want to.

Friday night we went to Cracker Barrel over by Bass Pro Shop. (No, I didn’t let Jim go there.)

It is always so much fun to meet up with people after you have read their blog for awhile. So interesting to finally put a face to the blog and that’s what we were able to do.

Once again, my pictures didn’t turn out all that well because of the light coming in the windows.

Jim, the back of Ray’s head and Cindy’s hand, Kyra, Key, Jan, Dianna and Bobbie.


The two Jim’s.


Kyra and Jan do not have blogs (yet). Kyra has only been full timing for two months and was headed to New Mexico. Jan hasn’t bought a rig yet but she’s thinking about it pretty seriously.



Key and Jan


Dianna and Bobbie who you know from my previous blogs. Since Dianna hates having her picture on the blog I’m only putting her on here once in the first picture.

Ray and Cindy (I had to “borrow” this picture from their blog because mine was just too lousy.)

Ray and Cindy

Ray and Cindy are most timers from Utah. They are really looking forward to spending their summer in Alaska. Should be some good blog reading over their way with lots of pictures along the journey.

I love the name of Key’s blog - The Ramblin Rivercat. He’s a new blogger and has some interesting ideas on living the full time lifestyle. He’s been busy going to Spring Training games. We’re also making plans for Key and Jim to go fishing sometime in April when hopefully the fish will be biting.

Most of you already know Jim from Jimbo's Journeys. He’s been really busy working at the Spring Training games in Mesa. It sure was nice to be able to spend more than two minutes with him like we did in Q.

What a great time we had. Looking forward to seeing them all again somewhere on the road.


  1. We love visiting with new travelers. They are the best people around.

    Paul finished our taxes...yeah. Another year down.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun, sorry we missed it....

  3. Glad to see you are trying to encourage new rv'ers to take up blogging. Looked like you were all having fun.

    By the way, I'm signing in to comment on your blog using OpenID, I'll be explaining this process in detail in my blog either tomorrow or very soon after, o.k.

  4. What a neat get together, but you could have let Jim go into Bass Pro. Being that close and not going in is just plain torture.

  5. I bet there's a lot of laughter that goes around the table at these get togethers! Interesting looking restaurant. I don't know why but it reminds me of a place my daughter and I went to in Gulf Shores AL - don't remember the name except they throw the rolls and pull all kinds of shenanigans on customers.

  6. I know what you mean about catching up to the blogs. I have been so busy lately I can't catch up!!
    I can only imagine the fun when you get to meet bloggers who are doing just what you are doing. Such a common ground! Looks like you all had a swell time.

  7. Looks like fun, glad you were all able to connect and enjoy your time together!

  8. Taxes done and spent! Boo hoo, til next year.

    Lots of bloggers so little time.

  9. What a hoot! I bet your dinner table had the most fun and laughs at Crackle Barrel.

  10. Such fun to get to meet everyone like that!!!! Thanks for the pictures!!

  11. That is great you were all able to get together. Now reading their blogs will ever be more special.

  12. How fun to meet up with everyone & at Cracker Barrel! Yum! I'm so behind, there's no way to catch up. Guess all we can do is move forward.

  13. Getting together for a meal seems to be the big entertainment for RVers. We all like to eat so it's something everyone has in common for sure.


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