Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was all ready to head out of Billings on Tuesday but it was not to be. We took the rig in Monday morning to Jim and Tracy’s Alignment to get the alignment done. They really do great work.

But – always that stupid but word – they found a broken right rear spring. We really wanted them to fix it for us but in order to have it covered under warranty we have to take it back to Hanser’s. Not happy about that. They are notoriously slow about getting parts ordered and then getting the rig in to have it repaired. The next closest Workhorse Chassis authorized repair place is in Rexburg, ID. So here we sit.

This is the part that is causing all the problems: (I did find out it’s called a leaf spring if that means anything to any of you out there.)


The weather got hot today. Mid 90’s and back up there tomorrow. This is the first really warm weather we’ve had this year. It’s rather like we went from winter to summer and forgot about spring.

It is now Thursday (never did get this posted) and we are still waiting. Jim has called Hanser’s every day and just keeps getting the run around. They told him they had to get the okay from Workhorse. I can understand that. But they  never did let us know if they had checked with Workhorse. Jim called again. This time they said they had ordered the spring. Didn’t know when they’d get it. Did they get hold of Workhorse? Well, no. Next call to them, we were told that we had given them the wrong VIN. Sorry, but the VIN is correct on the repair order they have. Still no call from them. Jim calls again – supposedly waiting for Workhorse. But then Jim gets a call saying – oh, we need the mileage. That means they have yet to call Workhorse.

Later on Thursday – Jim has been talking to Workhorse people trying to get permission to let us take the rig to somebody else. We finally did hear back from Hanser’s. The part is in Chicago and it takes three days to get it here. Long week-end – so maybe Tuesday. However, Hanser’s is telling us that the first appointment they have is July 20. Keep your fingers crossed that Workhorse will come through for us tomorrow.

And so it goes. I am not happy.


  1. Yes, things are a bit more limited when dealing with Workhorse aren't they. I've heard good & bad things about Workhorse. Only time we have had to deal with them was for our brake recall last summer. Our closest Workhorse dealer is an hour & a half away.

  2. Isn't it amazing how some places stay in business....JEESH!


  3. Ouch....that hurts. Unbelievable that people can run a business like that and still be in business. I sure hope you can get Workhorse to give you the OK to take your unit somewhere else.

    We are having the same weather. Only now is it feeling like summer, we jumped right over spring as well. Hope the nice weather coninues for you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Talk about the runaround, you certainly have been getting it!! I wonder how they stay in business other than having way too much work from Workhorse. Have you any idea how that spring got broken? Such a frustrating thing to have happen.

    Hopefully, it'll get fixed soon and you'll be on the road again heading where the weather is a little cooler too.

  5. Wow, this gripes me and it's not even mine. Funny how different places are, before and after the sale. Good luck guys, I hope you find something great to do, this weekend.

  6. That certainly is a bummer! I hope Workhorse come through for you today.

  7. Talk about poor customer service...
    Hope things work out for you real soon and that you get the needed repairs.

  8. That's a nasty looking break you have in the leaf spring.

    How do these places ever make a go of it? Amazingly bad service.

  9. So glad we got a Ford chassis 10 years ago!

  10. This is the biggest drawback about this lifestyle! I just dread when we have to get a repair. We are on our way to Red Bay and just know it is going to take more than 3 days to get us in...YUCK!

  11. Great to catch up with you, but sorry you are having a bad time. Great idea for a reunion! I graduated the same year.

  12. Sorry you have been having such bad service problems. Hope you get good news from Workhouse and can get back onthe road soon.

  13. Hope the service "gods" are with you. We feel you pain. We're running up to Salt Lake City today to have our house air conditioner serviced.

    Hang in there!


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