Sunday, June 26, 2011


IMG_2183I vowed I was going to post something today regardless of what it said or when it got done. (Judy just told me this is a Lark Sparrow. Thanks Judy.)

IMG_2204 We did get out of Hell Creek. But again lost the fender off the boat and had to back track to find it. We stopped for breakfast in Jordan (which is where the dirt road begins) and Jim noticed it was gone. We unhooked the boat and headed back to Hell Creek.

IMG_2205 Thank goodness the fender was only about three miles down the road. That fender, as well as the other one, are now bolted on to the point where they will never come off. The trailer will rust and fall to pieces long before those fenders come off.

Got back into our son’s driveway and discovered the fridge wouldn’t work – not on electric and not on gas. The road had claimed another victim. The kids didn’t have much food in their fridge so we moved all of our food into their house for a couple of days.

IMG_2203 We had an appointment for the following day for some service maintenance on the rig. This is when it’s nice to be parked in the kid’s driveway. We took the rig in and then went back to their house and had a place to sit and for the girls to roam. We had to take the rig to Hanser’s Automotive because they are the Workhorse Chassis dealer in Billings. Not impressed. But we think they got some of the work done. We’re taking the rig to a different place for the alignment. Didn’t trust them to do that important piece of work for us.

The next day, into Billings RV to get the fridge working. Billings RV and Pierce RV are the two Dometic repairers here in town. Pierce couldn’t get us in until July 11. But Billings RV is much smaller and could fit us in whenever we could get there. Great bunch of people to work with. A screw had worked it’s way out in the eyebrow and was shorting out something or other. Took them awhile to find it but six hours and $280 later we have a working fridge.

Took the kids to dinner one night and met up with our dear friends, Judy and Gary, who are going to Escapade with us in August.

Then on Thursday my sort of class reunion began. But that will be a different post.


  1. Can't say that the trailer repair business is the type of busy that I like to be!

  2. Also, nice shot of the lark sparrow at the top. :)

  3. We are all at such a disadvantage when at the mercy of unfamiliar repair facilities. Sometimes things work out great & sometimes not so great. I'm guessng a repair bill on a fridge is better than the price of a new fridge....

  4. Having things go wrong and having to fix them isn't my kind of fun busy. I don't like things that cost money or repair bills to keep me busy. Hopefully, things will stop being busy for you in this way at least.

  5. Jim...get some Lock Tite for those bolts. They'll stay tight then.

    You got off "cheap" on the fridge. Amazing they found the problem? :=)



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