Saturday, June 11, 2011


As long winded as I am, it’s hard for me to summarize anything. But here goes.

IMG_2060 Coming back into Montana we were amazed at how green it is. You can sure tell they had lots of snow this winter and have lots of rain this spring.

We arrived back in Billings, MT last Saturday afternoon. I say back in Billings because this is where we were living when we retired and set out from as full timers in January of 2009. We are parked in our son’s driveway. We put in a 30 amp electrical outlet and use their shower and dishwasher when they’re at work. This used to be our house but Todd and his fiancé, Michaela, are renting it from us with the purpose of buying it in a couple of years.

IMG_2074 Last year’s tornado and hail storm really beat up the roof and it needed to be replaced. The roofers here in Billings are so busy that is just this week that they finally got around to our house. They were here at 8:00 in the morning and worked until 10:00 at night trying to get it done. Of course, we had rain and more rain and more rain and then threats of tornadoes and hail. It definitely took them longer than they had planned on. But it’s finished until the next storm.

IMG_2068 We spent some time with the kids just catching up on things. They are planning a wedding for next year and we wanted to see what all they have got going. We’ve done some necessary shopping because the larder was bare. Had friends over for dinner, have gone out with friends for dinner, have fed the kids a couple of times.

Had the brakes replaced on the Avalanche along with oil change and other maintenance type things. The coach goes in for it’s all around check up around the 21st.

The most excitement we’ve had is the threat of tornadoes. Staying in a motor home or mobile home is definitely not a smart choice so we grabbed the dogs and headed down to the parking garage. The kids and their dog, Zoey, joined us there along with a whole lot of other people. It was definitely a big party going on there. The police and security came by to check on us and make sure we were okay.

tornado Had great views of the funnel clouds whirling through the air. Three tornadoes actually did touch down but they were out in the country and nobody was hurt. One farmer lost his silo and another rancher lost 130 head of cattle when the storm pushed them over a cliff. The water is so high that he couldn’t even get in to butcher them. The coyotes and whatever will be feasting for a long time.

(These pictures were taken by friends.)tornado1 Roundup, MT has been under eight feet of flood water from the Musselshell River. They were just starting to recover from the flooding when this last storm went through and put them back under water again. Weather across our land has sure been a mess this spring. And it doesn’t seem to matter where you are.

But today we have sunshine and no rain until tonight. So I am going to lunch with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Janet. She and I worked together and I just love being with her.  While I’m at lunch, Jim is going to be scrubbing bugs off the house.IMG_2086

I didn’t do too bad summarizing. I’m pretty sure I hit all the high points. It’s rained and rained and rained. What more can I say.


  1. That's quite a picture of the funnel cloud. Scary how fast those tornadoes can be upon you. Glad no one was hurt in the ones that touched down (other than the cattle). Sure hope the weather inproves for you soon.

    Cute photo of the kids in their M&M shirts.

  2. I was stunned to hear about the recent weather in Montana. I think I drove through, or close to Roundup on my way east. Be careful!

  3. It is probably good to go "home" once in awhile.

    Must be nice to have a son to take care of your house and pay rent! My could never afford it and I wouldn't trust him to keep it up!

  4. Those storm shots are phenomenal. Wow. I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was younger! But I might have been a storm runner away fromer for that one!

    I love the picture of the M and Ms and the car! Just a terrific bright treat for the eyes!!!

  5. Amazing photos of the tornado. Our sirens were blaring here the other night. Spent some time at the shower house. Luckily nothing touched down near us. It has been a crazy spring/summer everywhere. Seems it is either too much rain and tornados or not enough rain and wild fires. Mother nature seems to be on a rampage.

  6. You did a great job and now we're caught up with your happenings! I have to agree that at times it's really hard to say what we want in just a few words. So, why bother. Weather sure has been something else but stay safe. That's what counts.

  7. Wow, those clouds look pretty awful!!! Did not know Montana had tornadoes! Have friends up near Christina.

  8. good job on the summary!..that was quite the storm that blew over!!..enjoy your time at your 'old house'!!

  9. Good summary - horrible weather! When is all this going to end? I feel so fortunate here in San Diego County.

    It must have felt good to be home again, even though you're not living there any more. Nice to be able to stop there for a while.

    I just love opening up your posts and seeing those two cuties - your dogs are so cute! I just want to pet them and get cookies for them. :)

  10. Living in a Pine forest we do not have a good view of the sky & a tornado could be on us before we ever knew it. Always a scary time of year for anyone when big storms are going on.

  11. Wow amazing pictures of that cloud. Sorry to hear about the farmer and the poor cattle though. I think you did a good job of summarizing!


  12. What do you mean great views of the funnel clouds? What are you doing that close? I thought ours were scary. Yours were MUCH worse! So glad you didn't have any touch down by you! I never knew Montana got tornadoes! This weather this year is insane.

  13. That funnel cloud was just a little too close for my liking - great photo though! Stay safe!

  14. That's a scary looking storm. One of my biggest fears about living in an rv is the weather.


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