Monday, June 20, 2011


IMG_2154 The ground is so saturated that trying to level our rig was almost a joke. The boards and levelers kept sinking down into the ground.




IMG_2153 Our friends, Bill and Carol, are parked next to us and Bill was trying to help us but there’s not a lot anybody could do. We finally got it as level as it’s going to be and left it at that. In a day or two I’m sure we’ll really be off because we just keep sinking. Fridge seems to be working well and that’s all that matters.

IMG_2186 Last year when we were here, there were many, many campers parked without hookups. Those spots are now all under water. You can see some of the tops of the shelters that were being used last year. If you don’t have a reservation for an electric site this year, forget about coming out here.

IMG_2187 I would give anything to be able to send some of our rain and water down to Arizona right now to help them with their fires. I did read that because of all of the snow melt and rain up this way, that Lake Mead is starting to fill and they figure there is enough water to take care of Arizona and Nevada for the next three years. But that doesn’t help the horrible fires burning up the forests in Arizona right now.

IMG_2163 One of God’s beautiful masterpieces – the double rainbow. The colors were just brilliant and, of course, my pictures don’t do it justice.


We also had a gorgeous sunset.


And look at that moon rising.


Fishing tomorrow.


  1. beautiful rainbows and sunset shot!..fabulous!!

  2. Nice photos. I wouldn't want to level in that. It doesn't sound like fun at all.

  3. Just going back and reading some posts I missed...had to comment on the beautiful rainbow. Great sunset shot too.

  4. HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe how vivid those colors are.
    I hope you got that heater fixed.
    Tell Jim congratulations on the BIG fish. Looks like you two are eating pretty goo!

  5. Amazing double rainbow! Can't imagine leveling in that area.

  6. The pic of the double rainbow was amazing. I recently saw one myself and got some shots of it but the ones you got are so much clearer.


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