Thursday, June 16, 2011


I want to share with you some pictures of the area north and east of Billings headed towards Jordan, MT.

The Lund is the boat we left in MT over the winter. When we had our fifth wheel, we would double tow with the boat trailing along behind the fiver. With the motorhome we can’t do that, so I drive the Avalanche and tow the boat.

These are a couple of the pictures I took as the girls and I were following our home down the road.

IMG_2099 Definitely Big Sky Country!







IMG_2114 As you can see, there are very few trees in this part of Montana. The land is the rolling prairie. Lots of ups and downs over small hills. Notice how green everything is.



Montana had a record amount of snowfall this past winter and this also turned out to be one of the wettest springs with all the rain. These following pictures are of the Musselshell  River which flooded the town of Roundup and closed the highway. Last week we couldn’t have driven through Roundup because of the water on the road. This week, the river has receded but the water is still along the sides of the road. It’s going to take a long time for Roundup to recover from this flood.









After you cross the Musselshell (once again) near Mosby, MT there is one of the nicest rest areas in the country. And probably one of the least used. It is out in the middle of no where on Route 200. Route 200 takes you right through the middle of MT and most people either use Highway 2 in the northern part of the state – what we call the Highline, or they use I-94 which runs through the southern part of the state. If you want to see lots of sky and rolling plains, take Route 200.

IMG_2105 We stopped at the rest area for lunch and to walk the girls.







  1. Montana is most certainly 'big sky country'!!

  2. It doesn't much look like anything is there? Where is it?

  3. What a beautiful place - I love the wide open space and the beautiful blue sky with white puffy clouds. I would definitely want to take that highway if we return to Montana some day.


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