Saturday, June 4, 2011



Randy and Colleen Smith are serving a mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) at Martin’s Cove for the summer. And you know how it is when you meet somebody that you just click with. Well that is what happened with us. At least it clicked for Jim and I. They have been full time rver’s for about a year and a half. Here is a link to Colleen’s blog about their experiences at Martin’s Cove:

IMG_1980 Because Martin’s Cove is located on BLM land and is leased by the Church, volunteers are stationed along the trailed to ensure the safety of visitors and to protect the historic site. Because it is public land and not owned by the Church, these volunteers cannot tell you any of the stories of Martin’s Cove unless you specifically ask them to tell you. The reason for this is because other people voiced the opinion that BLM was giving preferential treatment to the Mormon Church.

IMG_1975 I guess I really don’t understand that. This is history. The struggles of the Martin Handcart company really happened. They helped to settle the West and were an important part of the movement West. I realize that we must separate Church and State (even though we’ve gotten way too carried away with that also) but this is history. I, for one, want to learn more of my country’s history while I’m exploring it’s beauty and it doesn’t matter to me if the information is from Catholics, Jews, Protestants, Christians, atheists, black, white, Indian, Mormons or anyone.

But enough of my ranting. We had a chance to visit with Randy and Colleen and really enjoyed getting to know them. They usually winter in TX and we just may have to look them up sometime. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us. We’ll see you on the road.


  1. Great meeting so many interesting people along the way isn't it.

  2. My experience with Mormon historians are that they are unable to separate the country's history from their religion's history. Most of us only want to know about our history. If they could tell us about the events without making it about religion, we'd be more willing to listen.


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