Friday, April 2, 2010


Yesterday, we went to lunch with my sister and her hubby (Judy & Don) at one of their favorite restaurants - Crackers & Co. This restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch and is packed for both. We all had the baked potato soup which was topped with cheese, bacon, green onions, and sour cream. I had a french dip sandwich and Jim had a mushroom, cheeseburger.

I thought it was okay but not something I would go back for again. I didn't want to say anything to my sister because she had raved about this place but after we were done eating, she said that the food just wasn't near as good this time as when they had been there before.
However, the faucet in the bathroom was unique and I just had to have a picture of it.

Judy & Don wanted a GPS so after lunch we headed for Radio Shack because they were having this great sale on Tom-Toms. The first Shack we went to were out so they sent us to a second Shack. The sales guy even called and had them hold one of them for us. The price was $130 off the regular price of $270, so it was a fantastic deal and they were selling as fast as they got them in. So off we went. Found the second Shack store and Judy and I made the mistake of letting the men go to the Shack while we went to Kohl's. Needless to say, when we next saw the guys both of them were holding a new Tom-Tom box.

Decided we needed an ice cream cone after all this strenuous shopping and figured we'd show Judy and Don how to use their new toy. We input DQ and it wanted to take us to one about 9 miles down the road. Don knew one that was actually closer so we gave up on the GPS and drove out of the parking lot. Lo and behold - there's a DQ right directly across the street. Now why the Tom-Tom couldn't find that DQ I'll never understand. But we enjoyed our ice cream.

I also found the golf cart that is everybody's dream (whether you golf or not). We went to visit some friends and this was parked in their neighbor's driveway. A guy in California custom makes these. Because of the bar in the back (an essential addition) this guy has a small trailer that he pulls to carry his golf clubs in. You just have to love it.


  1. We have a Tom Tom and we have found the only thing they are really good at is specifics. So when we are close, then we put in the address.

  2. That faucet made me think of the pump my Aunt used to have at her kitchen sink. You didn't have to pump the handle on this one, did you?

  3. Cool faucet! Loved that golf cart too!

  4. Just a thought - maybe the Tom Tom was on sale because it had outdated POI's and maps? Maybe if you can do an online update it will show the DQ you wanted.


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