Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We were able to spend Easter Lunch with Judy, Don and our 96 year old Aunt Happy. She was married to our Dad's brother, Don, and now lives in Mesa in an assisted living facility.

She is amazing. You would never know she was 96 because she is still very mobile and her mind is just as sharp as it always was. She is getting frailer and she did tell her doctor that she hadn't signed on to this life to live to 100 but he told her that she didn't seem to have much choice about it.

The facility she lives in is beautiful. Very elegant and very active. Aunt Happy (her real name is Norma) loves to play cards, bet on the ponies (a wooden horse race), go to movies, the casino, and do crafts. They have a beautiful courtyard with water fountains and lots of ducks. The babies weren't hatched yet but are watched closely by all the residents.

The question is - What do you give a 96 year old as an Easter present? I just happened to know that she loves the Butter Pecan flavored Ensure but hates to pay the extra dollar or so that it costs over the plain vanilla. That is what she got from us - two six packs. She was really happy with her surprise.

A really nice way to spend an Easter Day.


  1. Butter pecan Ensure! Oh the things you can buy in the states. I can't even get my new favourite yogurt, Yoplait Light. Grrr!

  2. 96! Wow! And she looks so young! Must be because of her name "Happy". Sounds like you got her the perfect gift too...two 6-packs.


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