Sunday, April 4, 2010


The area behind the RV park we're in here in Apache Junction has lots of rabbits and Scooter has become our resident rabbit hunter. In Florida it was squirrel hunting but now it's rabbits.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers - their long body and short legs made it easy for them to go down into the badger holes. In fact the word dachshund means badger hunter. So hunting comes naturally to them - well, except for Skittz. She does not like to be outside and only goes out because she has to. After she's finished she wants right back in the house. Every noise (such as a car driving by, or a person kicking a rock, whatever) scares her so bad she goes into a panic and frantically tries to get in the house. But not our Scoots. She wants those rabbits.

Scooter has been having back problems and has slowed down in the last couple of months but if you mention rabbit hunting, it's like she becomes a young pup again. Now her problem is trying to figure out how to get off the leash so she can really chase them.

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  1. Parker searches everywhere for rabbits. This morning after his walk, Doug and Parker saw a rabbit right beside our truck. Just about ripped Doug's arm off and then refused to go in his dog house. Better luck next time Cellar Dweller.


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