Friday, April 9, 2010


One of my readers commented that it looked like we went to Africa when we went to the zoo. And that is where we did spend most of our time. The zoo is divided into different habitats and we need to go back and spend time in the other areas. But with both of our guys being diabetics, it was time for us to find some food for them.

I had found a hot dog place on line that got rave reviews and we all love hot dogs. So Jim programmed the address into the GPS and off we went. Well I have no idea where it was trying to take us but we ended up in an area of town that most people never see. That was after taking a tour of the Phoenix airport thanks to the GPS. I finally said enough is enough. We got back on 60 and I told Jim to just pick an exit and we'd find some place to eat. He took McClintock and as we were driving down the street, we come up the intersection with Broadway. Don looks over and says "There's the hot dog place." Sure enough. There was Ted's.

We pulled in and went inside. There was a long line but we weren't going to give up at this point. They have every kind of hot dog from regular dogs to polish sausages to Italian sauages. They also offer hamburgers but I'm not sure why you'd want a hamburger in a hot dog joint. Jim and I both had polish's and they were fantastic. Jim also had a vanilla shake and it was really great. We shared an order of onion rings and they were okay. Next time I'll have the fries. Notice the next time. We will definitely go back again. I want to try their hot dog next time.

But we definitely won't be using the GPS to get there.


  1. After all that, and you found it! Now you've got me craving a couple of hot dogs.

  2. Hmmm. If hot dogs and milk shakes are on a diabetic menu maye I should stop fighting it and learn more.

  3. It's a love-hate relationship owning a GPS. I'm like Gypsy, now I'm craving a couple of hot dogs!

  4. We've had a few crazy GPS adventures too...ya just never know what you're in for! :)

  5. Ohhh! we know about love/hate for GPS. We have learned what they are for. When you think you are nearly there, then put the address in. Works like a charm!

    To all our American friends: When you come to Canada, you will soon discover that you will not find a hot dog restaurant anywhere (well A & W ). Hot dogs are an American thing. We eat them at BBQ's but rarely out.


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