Sunday, June 17, 2018

We Went Down–Now We go Up–Way Up

Great Basin National Park – High  79  Low 58


The Great Basin has been home to American Indians for thousands of years. More recently, farmers, ranchers, Mormons, and sheepherders all called the Great Basin home. It is also home to Great Basin National Park.

No lines of traffic going into the park.


Great Basin National Park is one of the least visited national parks which is not surprising considering how far away it is from anything. Which is what appealed to me.

The Lehman Caves are a part of the park but we did not go into the caves. They were made a National Monument by President Harding in 1922. In 1986 Great Basin National Park was established and the caves became part of the park.

How about a Whoa sign instead of a stop sign.


Great Basin Park has been described as a sea of Sagebrush between craggy mountain ranges. The highlight of our visit was taking the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive.

If you do not like heights or winding mountain roads with no guard rails, this would not be the drive for you. The road is 12 miles long (paved) and over 4,000 feet in elevation from the town of Baker.


There are many hiking trails located in the park. Some of them are 9 miles and others 1/4 mile. We aren’t hikers but there were lots of people putting on their sunblock and getting their water ready for hikes.


20180613_100613I was concerned about Jim’s ability to breathe at 10,000 feet but he did very good. We didn’t stay at the top very long but the views are incredible.



It seems like you are driving right up to the clouds.


I wish this picture had turned out clearer. It shows the valley waaaay down there.


The road to the top usually isn’t open until after the first of June due to snow.


One last view of this beautiful mountain peak.


This park is definitely out of the way but well worth a visit.


  1. Very pretty. And you are right, I've never heard of Great Basin National Park.

  2. Beautiful pictures and glad that Jim made out okay at that altitude.

  3. Sometimes the risk is worth taking; I'm glad Jim did well up there. It's good to get far away from the madding crowds.

  4. I thought that sign was an ad for a radio station.

  5. What a nice national park!! I must admit I didn't know about this one!! I'm like you, I like that about it Glad Jim did well at that altitude!!
    What a funny stop sign..WHOA!!

  6. Such a beautiful place and if Jim could breath then I should be OK at a lot less.

  7. Its on my bucket list- havent made it there yet, thanks for sharing!

  8. I didn't realize NV had 10000 foot mountains with great views.

  9. I should have said other than the Tahoe area ...

  10. No way could I do that elevation on a windy road with no siderails! Good for Jim and glad that the elevation wasn't an issue.

  11. You guys are really getting around :)

  12. Gerry and I love to see out of the way places like this. If we ever get out that way again it will be placed on our bucket list.

    Gerry also doesn't do real well with altitude above 8,000ft unless she is in an airplane.

    Have fun out there.

  13. Looks like a nice place to visit. We've been to many National Parks out west --but not to this one.. One thing is for sure---IF I wanted to HIKE in summer, I would want to be in the Smoky Mountains --hiking/walking on a path under lots of big shade trees... ha


  14. Seems like everybody heads to the same National Parks and bypass great ones like this and others. I don't think Jo would like that drive.


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