Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Made it to Glenns Ferry, ID

We headed west on Highway 50/6 and turned north on Highway 93.

This is what is known as a wide load. The highway patrol came zigzagging down the road toward us and wanted us to pull over so all our wheels were on the outside of the white line and stop. Took about 7 minutes for the reason why to appear.


Not sure what it is or where it is headed, but it is wide.


That was the extent of any excitement which is a good thing.

We stayed in Jackpot, NV for three nights. Jim won enough to pay for dinner one night. We also experienced something that we haven’t seen for months, it rained. Not a lot but enough to make the grass wet.

We made it into Idaho and pulled into the Trail Break RV Park in Glenns Ferry.


20180619_165316We had a level pull thru site with full hookups for $20 a night. They offer a special of three nights for the price of two. That worked perfectly for us because our reservations in Sweet, ID are not until Wednesday. Lots of room between sites so the barking dog didn’t bother the neighbors.


Glenns Ferry is a small town of 1,235 mostly friendly people. It is the site of Three Island Crossing, one of the most famous and treacherous river crossings on the Oregon Trail. We didn’t realize the Heritage Center closed at 4, so we missed out on that.

I did get a picture of the Snake River just west of where the pioneers crossed the river.


But we did find a couple of other places to check out for the next blog.


  1. And, the adventure continues .... safely.

  2. Winning enough to pay for dinner is always a good thing.

  3. Seems like a nice trip so far. Those loads look like mining equipment hard to tell but they are wide loads.

  4. Some nice travelling days and small town campgrounds sounds wonderful !

  5. Beautiful area of the country which we have NOT seen... I've always wanted to explore Oregon and surrounding areas near the Snake River.


  6. Those are some HUGE trucks! Most likely from strip mining, they can sure move some earth.

  7. Whenever we feel like gambling we grab a $20 and throw it down the toilet. Saves the time and effort otherwise.


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