Friday, June 8, 2018

Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

Peach Springs, AZ  High and Low – unknown because there was no internet, tv, or cell service. Hot and Cool at night.

The night before we were leaving Winslow we heard about a fire that had shut down I-40 between us and Flagstaff. Thought we might be spending another night in Homolovi but the next morning the fire was under control and the highway was open. When we went by the firefighters were still there checking to make sure it was all out.


We left I-40 at Seligman and started our trip back in time on Route 66. Seligman is one of the few Route 66 towns that have been able to survive the passing of time.



We had to stop at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In for a milk shake. The Snow Cap was built by a guy with a sense of humor in 1953 from scrap lumber.



After leaving Seligman, we continued on Route 66. Several Burma Shave signs kept us entertained.

If daisies are your favorite flower

Keep pushin’ up those miles per hour


We arrived at the Grand Canyon Caverns RV Park which is a very interesting place. It has a miniature golf course filled with dinosaurs.


The RV Park is about a mile down a slightly bumpy road to the Caverns. (We did not take the cavern tour. We have been in a lot of caves and decided we didn’t need to see this one.)

Dinosaur Crossing



We arrived safely at the RV Park without being attacked by any dinosaurs or stopped for speeding.



We spent two nights here at $43 per night. Very expensive for electric and water. Never did find the dump station. There were two other RVs our first night and we were all by ourselves the second night. Very quiet and dark which made for good sleeping. The nights cooled down into the 50s which was wonderful.



We had a beautiful sunset.


Tomorrow is another bucket list adventure.


  1. What a wonderful area to explore . looks like you got your kicks on route "66"

  2. Love it! Looks like you found a great place to stop.

  3. You guys hit the jackpot!! What an interesting drive on Route 66!! Love that campground!!

  4. Oh how I would love to do more of Route 66. Thank You for sharing this fun adventure

  5. Crikey ..... I loved all the photos of route 66. Mum loved the sky at the RV park and the sunset.

  6. $43 is a little rich for what you got there. We made a stop in Seligman while out that many several years ago.

  7. Just catching up on blog reading this morning before heading out. Sorry about Aunt Happy and happy you are on the road again. Can't wait to read about the bucket list adventure.

  8. That police car would have had a hard time catching you speeding by, even with the trailer. ;c)

  9. I've always wanted to spend more time exploring what's left of Route 66. The interstates have made us all in too much of a hurry. Very good post and photos.

  10. I'm still singing flatbed ford. I may have to go to Winslow now.


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