Saturday, June 23, 2018

Murals and Ribs

Glenns Ferry, ID   High 87  Low 62

Glenns Ferry has several very interesting buildings and murals throughout the town.

Just look at that beautiful sky.







I love this picture of their water tower.


Skittlez really enjoyed driving around this pretty little town. (If you look closely, you can see Rocky in the background.)


We went to the Fudge Factory Grill for lunch. I had a hamburger which was okay but Jim had their ribs which were so good. He did give me a small bite to try and I realized I didn’t make the right choice.


If you’re ever through this area, there is also a winery with a campground and there is campground at Three Island Crossing State Park.

We are currently in Sweet, ID, enjoying some family time.


  1. I can't keep up with you! Family time is almost always a good time. Enjoy yourself this summer and see you in the fall.

  2. We spent an afternoon in Vale, Oregon. It's known for its murals depicting the Oregon Trail. We got a map of where they were, and Rich, patiently, drove me to each one so I could get a picture. I think there were 25 or 30 of them. I was so excited (no digital camera), but discovered my new Canon Rebel (at the time) counted the film backwards from what I was used to. In the end I was to find out I got not one picture. I was so disappointed that Rich left the campground that night and found postcards of each one--where, I don't know.

    Pets to Skitz and Rocky. Love reading your posts. Hi to Jim.

  3. Don't tell Skittlez but she's really getting gray.

  4. Lovely little town. So many places now doing up murals love them.

  5. What fun place to explore, love the murals and ribs sound wonderful!

  6. If Jim was a true gentlemen he would have offered to split the ribs with you :-)

  7. Those murals are really nice!! They sure make buildings and water towers much nicer to look at!!
    Skittlez looks like she’s really enjoying ride!!! Rocky, I see you over there!!!

  8. Murals, ribs and a campground with wine..Perfect:))

  9. Neat to follow you through Idaho... We got close to that state when we were in West Yellowstone... BUT---we need to check it out sometime....

    Love the murals... They brighten up the buildings for sure.



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