Monday, June 11, 2018

Las Vegas Fire Station 4 Guys are the Best

Las Vegas, NV  High 100 Low 77

Somewhere I read that when you come to Vegas you need to visit Frankie’s Tiki Room.


From their website

Frankie's Tiki Room is a unique combination of south seas exotica and modern primitivism, with just a hint of Las Vegas kitsch.  One hundred percent original and deeply rooted in tiki tradition, Frankie's is the place where you can escape to the fantasy any hour of the day or night and where you can order up your buzz from the menu of exotic rum drinks in the tiki lounge.

It is definitely a kitschy, throw back to the old days, type of dive bar. It’s been years since we have gone to a place like that so it was time to dive on in.

When you walk in from the bright sunshine you cannot see a thing because it is kept so dark in the bar. It’s not very big but we were able to find a table that we could sit at while our eyes adjusted.


This guy sat down at our table and asked us if we had ever been there before and started telling us about the different drinks. We actually thought he worked there but we found out that he and his crew were firemen from Station 4. The friendliest bunch of guys ever.


Once we picked out what we wanted to drink, Marty told us he’d order them for us because you have to go up to the bar to order. When he got them back to our table we found out that he had paid for the drinks.

Then he convinced me I wanted my picture taken with these absolutely gorgeous firemen and how could I possibly say no to that. Do I look like I’m having fun?

Marty Delgado is on the right in this picture. One of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. Thank you Marty for making our day (especially mine).



  1. And, we thought we had to watch Jim with the girls! Maybe the shoe's on the other foot?

  2. I'm relieved. I was afraid this was going to be a different type of rescue. I'm happy the way this turned out.

  3. Now sweet Sandie...what is that guy with the big tatooed guns intentions??? Looks suspicious girl! Lucky you 4 of them WOW Wheres Jim ?

  4. Look at you!!! Just stealing the hearts of all those wonderful firemen!! I bet you all had a lot of fun and I'm sure Marty and his friends helped to make it special!!

  5. Why can't things like this ever happy to me! Looks like great fun and they sure are gorgeous

  6. :) Now most ladies buy the fireman calendar...Good for you Sandie, posing with the real deal.

  7. Now that sure is a wonderful time you are having, with all those men around you and buying you drinks, wow !

  8. Getting back at Jim, for his hand on knee picture? :cD


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