Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Congratulations Katie and Duel

Sweet, ID  - High  82  Low 58

We are in Sweet for my great niece’s (my sister’s granddaughter) wedding. We stayed at the Roystone Hot Springs RV Park. This is a small park with only 10 sites but in a gorgeous setting. I used this picture from their website. Our group took up four of the RV sites.


In order to get to the park you drive up through Black Canyon along the Payette River. Just down the road is the Black Canyon Diversion Dam which is a concrete gravity type.


The reservoir is beautiful.


A beautiful sunset from our campground.



We were so busy visiting with family that I really didn’t take very many pictures. In fact, I didn’t even get a picture of the bride and groom because they requested that no pictures be taken. So I borrowed this picture from Katie. She and Duel make a beautiful couple.


We had a really great time just being with family.

We left Sweet and took three days to get to Canyon Ferry where we are for the next two months. Jim and Rocky will be fishing and Skittlez and I will be relaxing.

These are the roads we like to travel.



  1. I don't think there is any place in Idaho that isn't beautiful scenery. Great campground. I stayed in a small campground in Grangeville called the The Bear Den. I just looked it up and it has expanded. I remember how immaculate everything was-- the bathrooms were private shower, sink, and toilet. What I remember most, though, was how nice the owner was.

    Katie and Dual are a lovely looking couple. Happy days all around.

  2. Crikey ... What a beautiful looking place. That's the kind of countryside Mum loves and how aptly named ..... Sweet!! Mum googled it she liked it so much. No wonder you like to travel those roads, aye?? So beautiful. Are there any BUNNIES!! It looks like I could run for miles there. I hope Jim and Rocky catch plenty of fish and you and Skittlez get in plenty of relaxation time. That sunset sure was beautiful and your Great Niece and her new husband sure are a good looking couple. Crikey that countryside is beautiful.

  3. It all sounds lovely. Glad to see you out of the heat.

  4. Congratulations to the handsome couple!!
    You guys sure had a beautiful campground....what gorgeous views!!! We love traveling those peaceful roads too!! Can’t stand the interstates but sometimes you just can’t avoid them!!!

  5. What a beautiful campground, the views are awesome

  6. What lovely area and beautiful couple. Now enjoy your relaxing time there and cooler weather.

  7. Love the sunset! They seem so much bigger when you are RVing.

  8. Lovely location. Looking forward to seeing you settled for a while.


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