Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over the Border

Yuma, AZ  High 81  Low 53

Wanted to share a few more pictures of Algodones. Toni and Doug went with us on this trip over the border.


Toni negotiating over the price of a burro.


Sorry Toni – I really do take terrible pictures.


I use this colorful building as one of my landmarks to find the dentist. Turn left when you get to this intersection and her office is just down the street on the left.


I wanted to visit one of the grocery stores even though I really didn’t know what a lot of the food was. However, some I did recognize.





P1070707We went to the Plaza to have lunch. On the way, Jim decided he wanted another pair of glasses. We stopped in a few optical stores and he finally found the frames he liked. They are the flex frames that bend so they aren’t so easily broken. He got trifocals (not progressive) for $140.

Jim was the only one who really liked his food. The rest was just okay.


Toni bit into something really spicy and it brought tears to her eyes.


While we were having lunch I looked up and Dave and Susie were just sitting down at a table behind us. These are the folks that went to lunch with us in Parker and I forgot to get their picture. You just never know who you’re going to run into over the border.


Jim and Toni


The line to return to the USA was long but moved very rapidly.



  1. I don't often like pictures of myself. You did good. I stole the one with the burro.

  2. That grocery store looks interesting. Is that one pictures all dried beans?

  3. Thanks for the additional pictures. I think I would really like Algodones.

  4. We remember eating at that same place. The food was OK but the margaritas were yummmmmmy!

  5. You all are getting to be regulars !!!

  6. I have read so much about this area lately!!! I think one day we will HAVE to go there and perhaps begin to have our dental work done there.
    Glad you had a good day!!!

  7. I like all those bold South-West Mexican colors. Reminded me of Palomas Mexico just south of Columbus NM. Think 'Pink Store'.

  8. Algodones is a place all it's own. It's fun going but there really isn't much we need to buy there. Nice that you enjoyed yourselves.

  9. We always have fun going to Algodones, the tasty spicy food, ice cold Corona and great prices on eyeglasses.
    Love going into Mexican grocery stores.

  10. Great pics of Algodones. That was a pretty good deal on Jim's glasses too!

  11. Looks like you're having too much fun in Mexico. Love the price on those glasses, you can't beat that with a stick. Think of all the fuel you can now buy with the money you've $aved! :c)

  12. Thanks for the visit back there... good to see pics of happy people having fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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