Monday, January 27, 2014

Elusive Bird and Good Memories

Quartzsite, AZ  High 72  Low 48

Hard to tell, but this is a Roadrunner. Only the second one we have ever seen. He was just too far away for my camera and there were cars behind us honking for us to get out of the way.


This is the picture the guy with the drone took of our Montana Circle. I never did find out why those rigs parked off by themselves over to the left instead of in the circle. But they were all part of the group. Our rig is the fifth one going clockwise from the opening on the right.

Montana circle

This balloon took off just behind where we were parked. Lots of fun to watch him. Always seemed to be somebody or something flying around over head.


And always traffic. Going to the big tent. Thank goodness, most of the time we were going in the opposite direction.



The girls have been relaxing and enjoying themselves in the desert. Scooter has found a few lizards to chase and Skittlez sits at the door and watches the world go by. I love this pic of Scooter but it makes her look so fat and she really isn’t.


Last Tuesday we moved down the road to La Posa South to join the Escapees group for a couple of days. More fun times.


  1. What a great photo of the circle.

    What a wonderful time y'all are having. So very happy for you that the weather has been the best ever.

  2. You are an early bird this morning!! You are such a hardy soul to go to Quartsite each year! Looks like you are having pretty weather and such good times. Say hello to the SKP gang!

  3. Did I miss why the circle? just being part of the group... well, I answered my own question... that way you can all see each other ... yes... haha... I love it when my geniusness kicks in...

    I hate it when people honk and I'm trying to take a picture... no one is behind me until I want to take a picture then there's 5,000 behind me

    aw Scooter's wanting a gitchy gitchy tummy rub ... hahaaa

  4. Great photo of the group in the circle. Loved our time in Quartzsite! Great pictures!

  5. I always enjoy seeing things flying or floating overhead as well. It's one of the things about Quartzsite I enjoyed a few years back when we used to go there each year & become part of the festivities. No desire to go again but overall we did kinda enjoy the experience of Quartzsite. Kelly more than me of course:)).

  6. Great picture of you group.
    Always fun things to do in and around Quartzsite and so much open space.

  7. That's a great overhead photo! I'd guess they didn't join the circle because there's no more room. So they all parked together right outside?

    You got a Roadrunner! I haven't seen one in quite a while. I'd love to see one more and get a picture before I leave.

    Have fun with the Escapees. You've been getting in a lot of group fun times - that's one of the best things about Quartzsite. Maybe next year I'll move around a bit like you and Jim are doing and spend more time with friends. Every year is different it seems, and each has been better than the last. :)

  8. I love to watch the roadrunner; got several good pictures of one a few years back. I hate it when anyone honks their horn no matter what the reason.

  9. I get that too and don't quite understand why folks honk when I stop in the middle the road - they should understand about getting a good shot.

  10. The minute I saw the bird picture I said Roadrunner! Woo hoo! You photo looks a blurry as mine, but at least we captured one of those guys.

  11. How nice to be out there in the desert where it is WARMER than it is here. Neat photo of your group from above! I know you must be having a good time with all of your friends there. I know your precious pups love it there!!!!

    I saw a Roadrunner once in Arkansas. They are not in Tennessee YET.

  12. That is one big circle. Were you posing, giving ideas to the aliens that make the crop circles? ;c)

  13. Lots of RVs are moving out. The Big Tent is over and the crowds are leaving. That's a good thing for us but not necessarily for the little town.

  14. That's a cool picture of the Montana Circle! Lots of friends!

  15. Roadrunners are hard to photograph, just ask Wiley coyote :-)

    Neat overhead photo of the circle.


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