Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Algodones, Mexico

Yuma, AZ  High 81  Low 52

Thursday night we went to the Quartzsite Yacht Club (yes they have a Yacht Club in the middle of the desert and Jim is a member) for karaoke. One our group, Ed, is a fantastic singer and loves to perform. Only problem was, there were so many folks there who wanted to sing that Ed only got to perform one song. (Jeri’s picture turned out much better than mine so I used hers.)


Friday we went back down to Yuma and are parked next to Toni and Doug at Pilot Knob once again.

We went back to Algodones so I could have a little more work done on my bridge. That didn’t take too long so we were able to spend some time wandering through the town.

I wanted to show you some of the pictures I took in Algodones just to give you an idea of what the town looks like. It definitely exists because of tourists.

These are the restrooms that are the first place you come to when you cross the border.


Casa del Sol – this is typical of the stores and what they are selling.


One of the things you have got to know, is that you do not pay the price they ask for. I have never been one to negotiate on a price but you are crazy not to down here. We bought a Kokopelli that started at $70 and we paid $35 which was probably too much but I love it.

Their electrical standards don’t quite meet US code.


The main streets of the town are filled with vendors all hawking their wares. You will soon get tired of saying “no thank you” and find yourself just not responding to them.

This is the view as you first enter Algodones after crossing the border. That’s the Purple Pharmacy on the left which is one of the best known of all the pharmacies.


More vendors.




Shoe shine anyone?


I am going to do another post on our visit south of the border because this one is already too long.


  1. That was a pretty good post on Algodones. It definitely is different than what folks expect and not "quite" up to the standards we are used too. However, it is Mexico.

  2. Thanks for the pictures....we will be in Yuma next month and I sorta want to go into Mexico.....I have a better idea of what to expect.

  3. I have always hoped I'd get to Mexico one of these days, but I probably never will. Thanks for the description and pictures. I spent a month in 1992 in El Salvador and it was definitely more primitive than Algodones. I loved it!

  4. I wish we could talk you into experiencing the real Mexico instead of just a border town.


  5. I remember well visiting there in 2010. If you ever need an negotiator, take Paul. He does a great job!

  6. You really got some good pictures. We were having such a good time I neglected to take any. I put the camera away at the border and forgot until we went to the dentist.

  7. Algodones is a fun touristy place, that we enjoy.
    But exploring the "real" Mexico is so much more fun and relaxing. We only did three months touring down the west coast and back enjoying all the small villages. An Awesome trip.

  8. Algodones was on our list to visit for the first time this year but it seems to be slipping away. Thanks for the pictures to show what we might expect if we do happen to get down that way.

  9. Looks like a nice little border town and apparently one of the safe ones.

  10. I've just always felt uncomfortable in those border towns. I guess they're just not for me.

  11. It's interesting how most border towns all look very similar... Juarez is a bit different ... guess because it's across from the large city of El Paso... but what a fun flavor they all have. I always liked the strolling mariachi bands ...

    great pictures ...

  12. Just be careful with that Kokopelli, you know what could happen with one of them around... ;c)


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