Thursday, August 29, 2013

Osprey’s Dinner, Fire, and a Montana Blog

Helena, MT  High 87  Low 56 

This post is really a conglomeration of things.

I finally got a couple of decent pictures of a bird. I am so excited. In the second one you can see the fish he(she) caught and in the third one he is chowing down on dinner.




fire1On the news the other night we heard about a fire in a campground up near Gates of the Mountains on Holter Lake. The fire started in the fridge of one of the RV’s and then spread to two others before they got it under control. I am really impressed with the speed that they were able to control this blaze considering how close together all the rigs are. Such a scary situation. Nobody was injured and the fire did not get out of control. These pictures came from the KXLH web site.


I have found the most wonderful blog that is all about Montana’s history. Montana Moments by Ellen Baumler is well worth a visit if you have an interest in Montana. Amazing the things I don’t know about my home state.

Went to dinner with Judy and Don last night and I am the only one who enjoyed their food. Even Jim didn’t finish his and for those of you who know him, that just doesn’t happen. I think we’re going to try again this week-end at a different restaurant. So if you’re in Helena, I’d recommend you not eat at the Bull’s Eye.

Not happy news – my niece, Kim, is not going to India. Seems there was a problem with the paperwork getting lost which would allow her to get her Visa. I’m not sure exactly all what happened, but she’s really upset and I feel bad for her. She gave up her apartment and now has no place to live and doesn’t know what she’s going to do.


  1. Hi Sandie, Oh My--that RV fire looked horrible. Glad it was not worse...

    Sorry about Kim's trip... Is there still a possibility she can go--maybe later? That's too bad.

    Bad restaurants!!!! We've been to a few ourselves... So sorry.

    Beautiful photo of your bird. I love my backyard birds here --and feed them. SO much fun.


  2. Osprey is my favorite raptor

    I will avoid the Bull's Eye, thanks for the tip.

  3. How sad for the people whose rigs caught on fire. At least no lives were lost. I have seen on the internet and tv how fast these go up in flames. I wonder why?
    Great Osprey pictures.

  4. Excellent bird picture!
    Rv fires can happen, glad no one was hurt.

  5. great bird pictures. those refrigerator fires are really awful!

  6. How awful on the fire. I hope no one was injured & they can get full value of their rigs back. Hope none of them were would so suck for sure.
    Also sorry to hear about your niece. I'm sure she's deeply dissapointed, not to mention stressed.

    The Osprey pics are great!

  7. I've always wondered how paperwork can get lost. It's happened enough to me. Funny, none of my IRS tax bill paperwork ever gets lost. You must have trained them well (thanks a lot!). ;c)

    Hopefully your niece gets another chance to go to India quickly.

    Great pictures of the Osprey with the fish. Was Jin jealous of that catch? :cD

  8. Not good news for Kim....I am sorry for her disappointment and troubles.

    The osprey photos are awesome! I love bird pictures..and am always trying to perfect them! It does take lots of patience and practice.

    Refrigerator fires are a big concern for all od us. And at an RV glad no one was hurt?

  9. Great pictures Sandie. That bird must be this year's chick and that's great he/she is fishing for itself.

    The fire - scary. Your niece - sorry for her stress.

  10. I enjoy going to a restaurant but after getting food poisoning I find myself eating out less. I believe all things happen for a reason and Kim may be disappointed but maybe something good will come out of it. Fridge fires scare me too... I wonder if there is some kind of maintenance to prevent those fires?

  11. Nice osprey photos! That RV fire is so scary. We keep our smoke alarms up to date and hope everyone else does as well. So sorry about Kim's trip... maybe she can get it sorted out and get there eventually. I hope so....

  12. Usually you give rave reviews about a restaurant. This one must be very bad.

    So sorry to hear about Kim. I was looking for an update about her trip. I hope she finds a place very quickly.

  13. I think fires in RV'snd high rises scare me to death!

  14. We both loved the link you provided to Montana Moments. Michael said when his graduating class of 1963 took their senior trip, one of the places they stopped was the Deer Lodge prison where they met Paul Eitner--it's the blog post from July 31 in Montana Moments. Eitner wrote the class one of his checks for a million dollars--Mike says he doesn't know what ever happened to the check.

  15. There you've got a good reason not to go into a packed RV-Park. With thousands of RVs burning in the U.S. every year it's a scary undertaking to be only 6+feet from your neighbour. I love desert camping.

  16. Love your Osprey pictures. Those really turned out great! We've had rotten luck lately with restaurants, food and the service we get. It's not fun for sure.

  17. Nice job on those Osprey photos for sure & yep, I agree with Peter:))

  18. I'm going to print out that picture of the rigs on fire to show to people who want to park to close to me. Of course my comfort space is about 50 feet.


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