Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frontier Montana Museum

Helena, MT  High 84  Low 55

Hey Todd – this picture is for you.


Do you often have nights like this? I had one, night before last, and I was a zombie all day yesterday. (Got this from Great site.)


Anyhow – back to the Frontier Montana Museum. (My camera’s battery died so these pictures were taken by Jim on his phone.)


This museum (housed in the Old Montana Prison Mule Barn) used to hold two collections of western memorabilia - the collections of Don Cappa and Desert John Blomquist.


Cappa's collection includes over 300 different types of guns used in the Old West (from 1829 to 1900), including the .41 caliber double-action Colt Lightning pistol made famous by Billy the Kid, and the Hammond Bulldog named after Doc Holiday’s mistress, Big Nose Kate.


In the back of the museum, they used to have Desert John's Saloon, with a bar that dated back to the 1800s, and hundreds of antique liquor bottles dating back to the Civil War. However, this exhibit has been removed and they are in the process of deciding on a new exhibit.


They did have a few other exhibits besides guns and I loved this outfit.


guns6The saloon was the main reason I wanted to visit this museum so I was really disappointed. But once again, the guys wanted to stay for hours checking out all the different guns.


  1. HAhaaaa yes, I have that cartoon/graphic... My son had it as his iPhone wallpaper for a long time ... now Charlie has that spot ;)

    That is me every day! and well, cars and guns... man stuff

  2. I have those nights all the time. Just last night matters of fact. YUCK!

  3. Must be your turn to pick a museum. :)

  4. You sure are finding some interesting museums... I'd love them as well! (love that cartoon... can relate ;-)

  5. What a neat museum!! Love the quote!! :-)

  6. Great cartoon!! Interesting museum - for the guys LOL! Why doesn't someone make a dog museum, although on second thought that might be rather odd...oh well, just thinking...

  7. I think those nights are too familiar too often.

  8. I'm not a gun-guy but this seems to be a very interesting museum.

  9. Joe loves old guns and reading about them! You have been to several museums we would like to visit!

    Hope you get a better nights sleep! It's no fun waking up already tired!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love, love the cartoon. Made me laugh out loud. Was this museum in Deer Lodge? (my brain is going, I wrote machine, then caught it).

  11. Maybe it's a good thing there was no saloon because guns and alcohol don't mix well... ;c)

  12. If you guys are still in Helena late this month and are interested in a meet up, please send me an email -

  13. That motorcycle behind the bicycle in the first pic looks just like mine.

  14. Sorry that quote really bothers me. But I am Canadian.

  15. Looks like a neat museum, too bad about the saloon.


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