Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wonderful Surprise and a really NOT Wonderful Surprise

Helena, MT  High 92  Low 58

Jim and I were sleeping and reading (you can guess who was doing what) yesterday afternoon when a car pulled up.

We were so excited to see our niece, Kim, and her daughter, Tara. Those of you who have read my blog for years may remember my post about Tara’s struggles. She still has struggles ahead of her but has come so far. She is in a relationship with a guy even her Mom says is really a nice guy and they are expecting a baby next March. I sure do love this girl.


Kim is getting ready to head to India for eight months. She decided she needed to do something different with her life and she’s always wanted to see India. Many years ago, Kim got the flesh eating disease and it destroyed most of her body between her neck and her knees. The doctors truly didn’t think she would live but she is a fighter. I hope she has the most fantastic time.

Tried to get a couple of pictures of the full moon.



And now for the ugly. Toni, I don’t think I like our Osprey quite as much as I did.



  1. WOW...Kim is one ambitious lady. We send along prayers for safe travels and a wonderful adventure.

    I do remember reading about Tara. Prayers for a very uneventful pregnancy and good health to her and the baby.

    Prayers to Jim, who I am sure is stuck with cleaning up that

  2. May things work out very well for both Tara and Kim!

  3. Aren't birds crappy critters? How can something so beautiful create such ... yukky stuff. Oh well... I sure wish the best for Kim... 8 months? Will the baby be born in India?

  4. Best to Tara and the baby. India...not for me, I am sure your niece is way more the adventurer than I.

    Come on, a little bird poop for osprey watching? not even close. They are really cool birds.

  5. Ewwww, don't Osprey eat fish? I hope Jim has a hose to stay away.

    I would worry about Kim being in India but I suppose you can get a different sense of reality when you have faced down death. She must be a very powerful and confident young woman.

  6. Our daughter went to India in 2008 to "find herself". Only now does she tell us things that went on. Not so good. Good Luck Tara

  7. We would go to India! Gotta get out of the really congested areas though. No "Delhi Belly" for us!

  8. Why India. It sounds so distant and foreign. I hope all works out well there and with the pregnancy. I think we all have someone in the family with struggles and challenges and it's heart breaking.

  9. Destroyed her body from the neck down??? she looks perfectly normal. I'll say she's a fighter! and heading to India ... what an adventure. I have heard people have gone to really experience India... come back totally changed.

    The poverty and the beauty ... I have no desire to go but I do enjoy hearing about people who have. interesting place. same as Thailand.

    pretty moon ;)

  10. Tara looks happy - hoping for all the best for her. And Kim is certainly adventurous to travel to India. Sometimes I get really adventurous and want to travel to Montana! Best of luck to both.

  11. RE: Bob Evans I have the same problem, but usually can stop and figure out what names and places are. I never was very good at remembering names, even when I was a lot younger.

    I've been to over 50 countries, but India wasn't one of them. Friends have been stationed there and don't have a lot of good things to say about the place. I guess each of us have to follow our dreams and if that is hers, I wish her luck.

  12. Anyone who can fight back from such a horrible disease will do just fine in India, I'm sure. Good luck to her!

  13. That genni looks a bit like a potty! We have friends in India. It's just where you go and what you do. Safe travels!

  14. nice that you got to see Tara and her Mom..flesh eating disease is a nasty one..I can remember a few years back, a young girl had banged her leg on a table in a motel room and she wound up with it..
    hope India is everything she wants it to be!!

  15. Great pictures of the moon! I have not had much luck taking pictures at night.

    Hope Kim has a great time on her trip to India. I have no desire to go myself, but I'm sure it is an interesting place to see.

  16. I'm sure Kim will have much better luck on her trip than you've had with that Osprey. :cD

  17. Moon pictures are hard...I haven't figured that out yet!

    India...for 8 months...that is some adventure! Have fun Kim!

  18. Oh my! Why India? Why 8 months and pregnant there? Interesting. I hope she has a great time. I'm sure she'll come back with a whole new outlook on the world.


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