Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Clean and Secure

Helena, MT  High 89  Low 54

Our computers are back among the living. Here’s the rundown:

My computer – 1 Trojan Virus and 194 Malware objects found. 11,000 MB temp files cleaned up and 173 Registry issues repaired. No hijacking found. Applied all necessary updates and ran security checks. Set current restore point.

Jim’s computer – 5 Viruses/Trojans and 128 Malware objects found. 10,500 MB temp files cleaned up and 277 Registry issues repaired. No hijacking, all updates and security check. Set current restore point.

Total price: $198

We originally checked with Office Depot (where we bought the computers and they wanted $180 per computer just to remove the malware. That didn’t include the clean up and updating. So I think we got a pretty good deal.

We would definitely use Bill again for any computer issues that we might have.

Now I am trying to catch up with everybody and maybe someday soon I’ll have something to blog about. Jim’s been fishing and I’ve been reading a lot of books.


  1. nice that you got the computers back! welcome back to the World wide web!

  2.'s a love/hate thing LOL!!

  3. Awful stuff! I haven't experienced that since I got my Mac. I know I know... but I haven't. hope it stays that way...

    I just noticed your About Me again... it's right next to this comment box... 33-1/2 years with the IRS? get out of town. you seem so lovely hahahaa

    If you had quit at 33-1/3 years... it would have been a long play... what were those records... rats. another google CRS

    Yep.... how about that.

    The LP (Long Play), or 33⅓ rpm microgroove vinyl record, is a format for phonograph (gramophone) records, an analog sound storage medium. Introduced by Columbia Records in 1948,

    Waaaay before computers... who would have thought of such a thing ... I'm sitting here with this unbelievable computer that sits in my lap and I have access to whatever ... and then my iPhone on the table beside me.

    absolutely amazing and so is 33-1/2 years with the IRS. the IRS?

  4. Good news! And a decent price.

    Glad you are doing the things you enjoy.

  5. I am a CPA although a retired one.... In a 35 year professional career some of the most professional and nicest people I worked with were employed by the IRS..... So Carolyn, please don't paint Sandie with any preconceived notions or assumptions, just because she worked for the Government..... Rod

    1. Sandie responded on my blog with the sense of humor I knew she had, Rod. ;)

  6. Glad you got it all cleaned up for a good price. Glad I have a Mac now so don't have to jump through those hoops anymore.

  7. Ouch - glad you're back and running.

  8. Glad you're all fixed up, Sandi! Fishing and reading doesn't sound bad! My brother finally broke down and bought a Mac because he had six he used to work on--looked like an air traffic controller. He used to ask me why I liked Macs--they were too darn expensive. I told him, "They are cheaper than 6 pcs and when I turn them on they work!" He finally made the leap at 78 years old, and has never looked back. He LOVES his Mac. :)

  9. Dang that's aggravating isn't it! Glad you are back up and running!

  10. Glad you got those computers back in service!! I have had a computer issue as well. Bought a new sony 5 weeks ago and have had nothing BUT trouble with it. Sony would not help at all, would not back up their product and their customer service was terrible. Finally, Best Buy (where we purchased) took it back and gave us our money. It wasn't their place to do that since their return policy is 15 days. Yep, you heard that right 15 days on a $1K item. Anyway, I can't complain because they were very nice with NO hassles at all. Now I'm trying a Lenovo Ultrabook. We'll see....

  11. Glad you got your computer back. I can't imagine being without one.

  12. I was without computer for a week too, but it was because we didn't have a signal. I'm getting caught up. That's some bad statistics. What kind of anti-virus software did they recommend?

  13. Now that you are clean, which tool did Bill recommend?


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