Monday, November 7, 2011



A cold front came through the area on Friday night with 60 mph wind gusts which made for a very “moving” night. Then the temperature dropped.

I have not been outside since Friday night when we went to dinner. Does that give you some idea of how much I dislike the cold weather? And I realize “cold” is relative. Highs in the 60’s in AZ are not cold compared to the 60’s in Montana. But I thought it was cold. And it was raining.

We also had dust flying everywhere with all the wind and I ended up with a sore throat and the sniffles. Had to have been allergies because I never really felt like it was a cold. So I just whined and made Jim wait on me.

IMG_3673 Jim handles the cold much better than I do so he took the girls out for their walks. They didn’t stay out very long because they don’t like the cold any better than I do. We will all be glad to see the sun again when it shows up later this week.

Jim also got our second boat ready to be put on a lot with a for sale sign on it. Sure hope somebody wants it.

And that’s it. Absolutely nothing to blog about. But that’s going to change today.

Dinner tonight at Jeri and Terry’s and if the weather cooperates, my first ever time on a four-wheeler. And the sun just came out. Yea!!!


  1. Have fun at dinner tonight. We'll be thinking about you.

  2. Come on over anytime. We can freeze together as long as the propane holds out!

  3. Put the boat in Craig's list for Phoenix. That will give you exposure to folks looking to buy that kind of an item............

  4. Sounds like you got the cold front that came through Southern Calif. 10 days ago we were using our air conditioning, and over the weekend it was the heater. Yesterday it was Rain, Thunder and lightning. The low here in Corona was 33, we are about 26 miles east of Disneyland. We got our sunshine back today though. Enjoy your four wheeler ride.

  5. What is Jim feeding those two kids. Looks like a beer glass...LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful time with Jeri and Terry. And hope that dang sun comes out!

  6. Hey, if we wanted cold weather, we'd stay at home....right? The weather is great here ...... so it makes our December departure kinda ok, I guess...

  7. I'm with you...I don't like cold either...but then I don't like heat much anymore either!

  8. Stay warm, guys. I'll take the cold over heat any day. When I was out west in TX and NM, I thought the wind would make me go mad. When it stopped, I thought I had lost my hearing!!!

    I'm sure you know this, but the best way to stay warm in bed at night is to put a hat on!

    Speaking of Craig's List, I just got a sweet deal on a Honda generator 2000eu. The guy had a 1000 and a couple more 2000s. He said he buys them, in bulk, and sells them when ice storms, snow storms, etc. hit an area.

  9. Ohhhh brrrr reading your post even makes me chilly! Hope your fourwheeler ride is fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. hope the warm weather arrives soon!!!..try and stay warm!!

  11. It's nice and warm here in Palm Springs so I sure hope the warm front moves east to warm you up in AZ!

  12. It's been in the 50s here but sunny so it's cold walking to the car then hot in the car. How do you dress for that?!

  13. You're making me shiver. One reason we like it so much in Mexico, it is always so warm. Sometimes at night in the mountains it will get close to the freezing mark but during the day it is usually in the mid 70's. On the beach it is always warmer.

    Hope the nice weather returns and you can have fun on the 4-wheeler.

    Kevin and Ruth


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