Monday, November 21, 2011


IMG_3728 Sunday, we went to my friend Dianna’s for lunch. She has been my friend since we were in grade school together. She also worked for the IRS and retired this year and lives in Phoenix.

Jim and NickieIMG_3730

IMG_3738 We also had tickets for the Arizona Balloon Classic. After a great lunch we headed over to the event area at Wild Horse Pass. When we got there, the gate people told us nothing was going on that afternoon and we should probably go home and come back about 5:30. We went back to Dianna’s and Jim got to watch the Nationwide NASCAR race. He was happy. At 5:30 we headed back to the event and this is where we ended up.
They must have told everyone to come back at 5:30. Took us awhile to get to the parking lot and by that time they were making us park clear up by the casino. I explained Jim’s bad back and the fact that he has so much trouble walking, so they allowed us to park in handicapped. Worked out just perfectly.
IMG_3740 This was the first year of this event and they definitely need to make a lot of changes before next years. They were not prepared for the number of people who showed up. There were not enough food vendors and those that were there ran out of food with people still standing in line. It took over an hour of standing in line to get anything to eat. They had very few balloons there that night because they hadn’t made plans for getting the balloons back through all the traffic. They set the fireworks off 20 minutes early and deflated the balloons that were there. Lots and lots of problems.
One thing that did turn out really good was the Arizona Sky Hawks Precision Parachute Jump.
We had a good time. Not sure we’ll go again for a couple of years until they have a chance to work through the kinks.
Beautiful sunset though.


  1. gorgeous sunset..too bad the evening event was filled with 'hot air'!!

  2. Hasn't anyone ever told you not to buy version 1? :)

  3. Stunning sunset!!! We had a small hot air balloon community here many years ago, and a big event was held at the airport. I went out there and took a ton of pictures. That evening, my precious grandfather died. I made a photo album of his life for my daughter, who was five at the time, and on the last page I put a picture of one of those balloons launching to represent him going to heaven. Still have that book...I need to get it out and look at it again.

  4. OMG Sandie, That sunset pic is definitely the nicest I've seen !

  5. I would totally enjoy seeing all the balloons but would totally not enjoy the traffic or the crowds. Big events usually have start up problems but this one sounded like it had some really big start up problems. Oh well, baby steps at first I guess. Maybe next year.

  6. Its getting cold here in Ohio so keep those beautiful pictures and posts of AZ to warm me up.

  7. Your photos are terrific! I love seeing balloon pictures and the sunset photo is fantastic!


  8. Love the balloon pic and the sunset one is amazing!

  9. Maybe they can talk to the Albuquerque Balloon people. They have that down to a science!
    Outstanding sunset!

  10. Pretty sunset. A pretty disorganized event though.

  11. I had been thinking I wanted to go. Now I'm glad you did the scouting for us.

  12. We used to have balloon events in Tucson until the owner sold the land. We lived on top of a small mountain and didn't have to go down to watch. We had balloons land in the yard a few times. I hope they get better at the planning.


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