Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yesterday my fears were realized.

quads1 Jeri and Terry invited us out to their place for dinner and a chance to ride their quads. Definitely couldn’t pass that up even if the weather just was not cooperating. Rainy and cold.

We got to their place about 3:00 p.m. They are at the Arizonian Travel Trailer Resort east of Apache Junction about 10 miles. Nice park out in the desert which is perfect for quad riders. You just need to ride out through their back gate and you are on state land.

After some instructions we were ready to ride. Thanks goodness they let me have the automatic. I’ve never been really good with clutches and gears.

quads Now if you read Jeri’s blog you will notice the competitive spirit of those “other” three riders. Each trying to go faster than the others. Whatever happened to just enjoying the ride, guys?

IMG_3682 Being the only sane one in the group, I took a leisurely ride through the beautiful desert. I discovered that 8 mph was a wonderful speed to travel and enjoy the beauty of the land. Jim started out riding with me but I knew I was holding him back so I told him to go ahead and meet me back at the gate.  Didn’t think he was ever going to show up. Jeri went looking for him a couple of times but I think that was just an excuse to ride.

IMG_3684 I didn’t ride very long because it was cold out there. But as soon as the weather warms up we will be back out there riding.

Now for my fear coming true. Jim had way too much fun. It look a lot of fast talking on my part to convince him we weren’t going shopping for a new toy. That’s the thing about addictions – they can be soooo much fun.  


For those of you who went to Sassy’s blog, Sassy is in Canada and can’t come south until after the first of January. She doesn’t like the cold any better than I do and this was her attempt to stay warm.


  1. What?? You won't let Jim have a new toy?

    It was fun. Matter of fact, it was so much fun we're getting ready to head back out.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Quad riding, looks like a nice area to ride in. It could be a good fill in for Jim when he can't fish.

  3. Maybe they would take that extra boat in on trade for a Quad!!! Oh, I guess Jim won't see this........ Oh Well......

  4. Toys are fun, but now, I say - rent them or go to a friends house and use them.

  5. Hmm, truck, fiver, boat, and then a trailer behind with ATVs? I think you'd be a block long going down the road. :)

  6. Where are your Sassy friends? Maybe we can share their misery. We are warm and dry.

  7. I'm with you Sandie. 8 maybe 10 is fast enough for me! I want to enjoy the scenery!

  8. I'm just trying to picutre your quad tow. An ATV behind your boat, behind your fifth wheel, behind your truck? At least they are fairly small! ;)

  9. hmmm, I see a Toy Hauler in Jim's future !! LOL

  10. what a great way to spend the day!!..Doug's brother has a quad and I have tried it once..going only a few feet!!..couldn't quite figure out the gears..maybe an automatic would be a better idea!!

  11. Dave rode his parents ATV once. He felt himself tipping to one side so put his foot down for balance. Drove up the back of his own leg. I'm pretty sure that was a three-wheeler, though, not a quad.

  12. Boys and their toys. You know the saying "The bigger the boy the bigger the toy!" Those quad bikes sure are fun though.

    Kevin and Ruth


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