Monday, November 21, 2011


It’s not because we haven’t been doing anything, it’s not because we haven’t been having fun, it’s not because we’re too busy, it’s simply because I haven’t felt like blogging. Some days I just cannot seem to find it within me to sit down and type up a blog. I feel like I’ve used up all the words that I have at my disposal and there’s just nothing there. I’ve been reading your blogs but not necessarily commenting on each one. However, I think those days have passed once again.

IMG_3711 We’ve had a great week. Jim’s been fishing and so his fishing pox is almost cured. The final cure would be to actually catch some fish that are big enough to bring home.

We were supposed to meet Jeri & Terry and Diane & Phil at Superstition Skies on Wednesday night, but Jim was late getting back from fishing and Jeri & Terry were exhausted from their long day. So we cancelled those plans and went to Filly’s on Thursday night to listen to Brant and Kerry. Sure do like those guys.

IMG_3714 Friday, Jim worked on getting the surround sound working but without success. He’ll try again later.





Friday night we met up with Jeri & Terry again, this time at the Arizona Opry. What a fantastic show they put on. The food was really good considering they were feeding 200 or 300 people. And talented – the lead guy (George) could play almost every instrument you see on that stage. He was the lead singer for the Tokens. Remember the song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight?

IMG_3722 It’s a family show that was started by the twin sister’s Father. They also hire musicians to work in the kitchen, usually college kids, who perform a number also. George’s grandson is 6 years old and he came out and performed a dance routine with his Dad that was really fun.

During the summer months they perform at the Rocky Mountain Opry in Estes Park, CO.

A wonderful evening with great friends.


  1. My, my, you could sure use Doug's help. He did the brakes himself for very little $ and believe it or not we had to redo our sound surround too. Can't wait to see that band.

  2. Glad your still having fun. Hope Jim catches the big one. Looks like a show that I would enjoy.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a saxophone that large!

  4. Sounds like the entertainment in Branson where the whole family performs, just good Family good times.My surround sound didn't work and I took the amp apart and there was a clear fuse on the circuit board, replaced it and it works again, voltage surges can fry those in an RV. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Sounds like you are having fun. I have always suspected that fishing is not really about catching fish :)

  6. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle..." Nope, don't remember that at all. :)

    Be careful out there. Jeri has been known to lead people into trouble. Wait! That might have been a dream. I don't remember that happening in real life.

    I'm so confused by having too much space nowadays. Gotta get my act together pretty soon. Not a musical act. Dave's maybe, but not mine.

    See what I mean?

  7. Sometimes it is a little difficult to come up with the words for a blog. However, you did a great job and we've certainly had a lot of fun.

    I remember the dream Linda had about me leading her astray! That was funny.

  8. I would NEVER have guess that AZ would have an Opry! Just doesn't seem to go together but sounds like you had a marvelous time.
    I am with you Sandie...sometimes I feel like it is a chore to write a blog and just don't do it. We do it more of memories for us anyways. Got to go with your feelings!

  9. We are the retiree directors for In FCRV and have to write an article for our newsleter every month. Sometimes it is hard to come up with news Know how you feel

  10. enjoy the music! as for 'that song'..I have to say it is my least favorite of all time!..sorry Sandi..don't know why I just don't like it!..
    we all have days and weeks with blogger block! me I have been there!!

  11. I remember the song but still not sure what it all means :)) Had no idea there was an Opry in Az but it sounds like fun.


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