Thursday, October 11, 2018

Roanoke Family

Roanoke, VA   High 82  Low 68  Rainy and humid And more rain and more rain

We are at the Dixie Caverns RV Park. There aren’t a lot of choices in this area so this is where we always stay.

As we were leaving Mechanicsville, I somehow caught a cold and have been pretty miserable. That means I haven’t been able to go with Jim to do any visiting. I feel bad but they sure don’t need my germs.

Jim’s older sister, Janet, lives on the top of Bent Mountain with her dogs and horses. She has a beautiful farm. Since the weather and colors are not cooperating this year, I am using the pictures of her place from 2014.





I’m also going to have to use pictures of people from 2014 because Jim had so much fun visiting he forgot to take any pictures. That’s usually my job and I wasn’t there to do it.

His sister Janet on the left. Nancy is his younger sister and we hope to be able to get to SC to see her before heading west. If the weather would just cooperate.


Aunt Ruby – She is celebrating her 100th birthday in November.


Sandra – Aunt Ruby’s daughter and Jim’s cousin


Janet gave Jim three pictures of his family. Sure glad she had these.

Jim’s Mother Mary


Jim and his big brother, Buddy. At boot camp.


Jim’s Dad, Harry James Dixon Sr and his Grandfather and Grandmother Dixon


The time here is much too short. We tried to extend our stay but the RV park is booked solid and so we have to leave tomorrow. Our plan is to go to Charlotte, NC but we have to wait and see how much flooding they get from Michael. Update: Things are looking good in Charlotte and some sun in our future.


  1. I agree with Toni. I love the old family pictures. Roanoke? Terry's brother lives in Roanoke. There aren't a lot of RV places to stay. We had to park our motorhome last year in the driveway of his brother's office building.

  2. It's fun to look at old family pictures and remember how life was back then. I'm glad we don't have to go back and live in those times, though.

  3. Wishing you a speedy recovery. It is so nice to get some pictures of many years gone by.
    Safe travels

  4. What a nice visit with family , hope you are feeling better.

  5. So sorry you are ill--it seems there is so much crud going around way too early this year or is it because I am usually down south by this time? Hope you are feeling better soon and that Jim doesn't catch it. Jim and his two sisters look so much alike!

  6. Take care, hope Micheal doesn't cause you any problems have fun.

  7. Love those old pictures, wonder what ours will look like 50 yrs from now?
    That is a beautiful area!!!

  8. Dixie Caverns is where we've stayed a couple of times. Not much more than a place to stay traveling I-81. Funny, we've never toured the caverns. :cO


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