Saturday, October 6, 2018

Moving A Little Further South

Mechanicsville, VA   High 90  Low 70 (Thursday)  High 70  Low 63 on Friday.

From the Moose parking lot to our friend’s driveway. We have known Patsy and Tom since back in the 80’s when we all went to Hunter’s Lodge for country dancing.

hunters lodge1

They gladly let us park in their driveway and use their 30 amp hookup. We have not done any sight seeing. This week has been about visiting with friends and truck maintenance.


That’s a pickle ball court drawn on their driveway so their grandkids can challenge their Granddad.


Their front yard.


The back yard.


We have eaten at a couple of our favorite restaurants. The Seafarer for more crab cakes. (I have not reached my limit of crab cakes yet.) And Ned and Buz’s BBQ. We went to both of these restaurants when we were here four years ago. Definitely worth a return visit.


We had dinner with Patsy and Tom and three of their grandchildren one night. The grands are young adults and we laughed and had such a great time. Patsy’s spaghetti was amazing.

One day Jim had to change out a glow plug on the truck. Another day he put in new headlights. The old ones were really in bad shape. They actually look worse than this picture shows.


Don’t the new ones look great?


Tom supervised.



  1. So nice to get warm weather, visiting with friends and enjoying great food.
    The new headlights look wonderful. I just keep cleaning the ones in our car and the coach.good enough for me.

  2. What a difference in the lights! I'm almost afraid to read your blog - it makes me want to cry for crab cakes!

  3. You are having such a good time visiting.. that used to be such good fun.... most people we visited are gone now..... time passes.
    I LOVE crab cakes!!! Mac n cheese w/ lobster became a fav!!!

  4. Oh what a beautiful yard so full of color with all the pretty flowers. Nice of them to give you use of the driveway. The new headlights look really good.

  5. The new lights do look great! Send us the address of your friends and the rest of us will turn it into an RV park! Looks like a wonderful place to stay. :)


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