Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mother Shucker’s Chesapeake Crab Company And Other Martinsburg Happenings

Martinsburg, WV – slowly getting caught up – we are currently in Mechanicsille (a suburb of Richmonnd).   High – 88  Low 68 (almost 15 degrees above “normal”.

Linda took us out to dinner and let us pick the restaurant. Crab cakes were calling our name so we found this place on Yelp. Jim and I both had crab cakes and Linda had a seafood platter. She makes her own crab cakes so doesn’t order them out. The crab cakes were so good. Huge – we each got two but could only eat one of them. Dinner for another night.


While in Martinsburg we also got to have lunch with Larry and Gerri. He used to blog under Clarkrambling. They have a summer place in Maryland and were willing to drive to Martinsburg to meet up with us for lunch.

Larry and Gerri


I let Larry pick the place and we ended up at The Copper Still Pub and Grill.


I’ll let him pick a lunch stop for us any time. The food was great and the company even better. Once again, Linda refused to be in the picture.

One of us appears to be in the spotlight.


We stayed at Nahkeeta RV Campground. The sites are located on grass and I was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t sink because of all the rain they received from Florence.

We didn’t see any campground personnel our entire stay. They e-mail you your receipt and site number and you pull in. Nobody is in the office.

The Airstream on the right is the office.


There are two sections to the park. We are in the left hand section parked behind the Class C. Very convenient to all the places we wanted to visit.


It’s beginning to look like fall except that the leaves are falling before they change colors.


A West Virginia sunset.


We had rain and rain and more rain. In fact, the whole East Coast is having a record rain year. But we were able to do a lot in between raindrops.


  1. Lucky for us the big rains missed us again but Phoenix got hit hard.

  2. Crab cakes, yum. I make them but they always fall apart.

    I am so jealous of you meeting up with friends.

  3. Nice to see Larry and Gerri looking so well. Very nice people indeed.
    Beautiful sunset.

  4. Lots good food with friends and an awesome sunset.

  5. Good crab cakes are hard to find, so many are just loaded with stuffing, you have to look long and hard to find any crab. How nice you found some good ones, and big at that! Some days you get lucky. :c)

  6. There are no better crab cakes in the world than those in the Chesapeake Bay area. I just read that the color is missing from fall in the east this year - the leaves are falling before they turn the beautiful colors.

  7. Love the giant crab. I'm a big fan of crab cakes also. That Sunset picture is gorgeous.

  8. I would love some fresh crab anyway I can get it.

    More rain on the way Sun. n Monday and again on Thur. this has been a great wet season.

  9. Nummy! I'd eat as many as I could too.


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