Friday, October 5, 2018

Fredericksburg Family

Jim and Jimmy (number 3 son) (Steve, David, Jimmy, and Todd)


Jimmy and Jenetta


Janetta and Copper


Our Grandkids

Mad – 16 and wants a driver’s license


Juliet – 11


Angel – 10


Janetta and her sister Betty


Janetta fixed chicken and dumplings for dinner at their house. So good. Then on Friday night before we left town we had blue crabs. Oh my word, they were sooo good.


We are trying to get our share of crab while we are here especially crab cakes. One night Jim went to a seafood restaurant and got us crab cakes take out. I think I could eat those things every night.

My brother, Rob, lives in Nokesville which isn’t too far from Fredericksburg so we were able to meet up with him for lunch on his day off. Marie, his wife, is a teacher and had to work. Met at the Worst Deli (that really is its name) and had really good sandwiches.

Rob is my baby brother. 9 1/2 years younger. It was a fun time catching up with him. He’s a mailman and keeps plenty busy.


We also had dinner with Jim’s favorite niece, Patti and her husband, David. Jim and Patti have a really special bond. Guess what we had for dinner – yes – crab cakes.

I was going to stay home with the dogs and let Jim go to dinner with Patti and David. Rocky’s separation issues have really gotten bad and he gets himself so worked up we worry that with his bad heart he is going to have a heart attack.

But Patti and David changed plans and they went to the restaurant and picked up our dinners and brought them back to the Bungalow so I could visit. We had more fun eating at home then we would have had at the restaurant. Let me tell you, those crab cakes from the Happy Clam were amazing.


Patti and David


We are so grateful that we could spend this time with our family members. Makes all those miles driven, worth it.


  1. So nice to visit family, eh? Don't tell him I said so but you look younger than your brother.

  2. I agree about visiting family, and it's worth the time and the miles. Everyone looks so happy to be together. I am so jealous of all the crab cakes you are having!

  3. Great visit with family, it's always nice to catch up when there are so many miles between them.
    I'm with Gypsy, I'm, jealous of all the crab cakes too.


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