Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our Billings Visit

Billings, MT  High 94 one day and 73 the next.  Low’s in the 50’s

After leaving Flaming Gorge we headed up through Wyoming and another day of beautiful scenery. We drove through Wind River Canyon and marveled at the power of the river that forged this canyon.

We followed this trailer all the way through the canyon.


We ended up at the Twin Pines RV Park outside Lander, WY. Nice little park with a pull through sites so we didn’t have to unhitch. However, there was no cell service or internet. The campground WIFI only works if you are in the office. I was glad we were there only one night.

You go through three short tunnels as you follow the river.


DSCN3772From there we spent the next night in Cody, WY. Nice campground but we had to unhitch the truck and park behind the rig which doesn’t leave much room for maneuvering. This turned out to be a problem because the next morning a guy in the row behind us was trying to align his truck to hitch up his fifth wheel. And yup – he bumped our truck. Just a ding in the paint. Thank goodness.


The final leg of the journey to Billings went just fine.

I love cloud pictures.


I want to apologize to all our family and friends here in the Billings area. We did not have time to visit with anybody (other than Todd and Michaela) while here. We did have some great times with them. Michaela and Todd both have June birthdays, their wedding anniversary (5 years already) is in June and so is Father’s Day. So we took the time to celebrate everything.

Lunch at the Burger Dive


This trip to Billings was to get paperwork done. We needed to do the paperwork on our new trailer which is waiting for us in Arizona. We had address changes to get done. And all of this takes a lot of time sitting and waiting, finding out you need to fax things to credit unions and follow up to make sure they do what needs to be done. Then you sit and wait for your turn some more.

We also had some work done on the truck, did laundry, Jim got a haircut and we did some shopping.

So – no visiting and no sight seeing this trip. But we plan on being back in September for my 50th Class Reunion and hopefully we can find time to visit.

Another problem with visiting is that we really can’t invite others to visit us because our trailer is so small. And those of you who know me, know that I do not really like to sit outside and visit. Too many bugs. That’s just how I am. And also, Rocky Joe gets really nervous with other people around so we like to keep him as calm as possible.

We are parked at the noisy Moose but for $25 a night, (rather than $55 to $90) we can handle a lot of noise. Electric only at the site, but a dump and water behind the building.


  1. Visiting...hmmm, I know, eh. Inside, outside, whatever, there's always dishes!

  2. I know how that weather went. It was 101F here a couple days and the next down to the mid 70's. I love the mid 70's. That's perfect. Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall.

  3. Those tunnels look pretty cool.

    Sorry to read about the truck. Paul and I talk all the time about how people must not think when they lay out a campground. So strange.

    Glad y'all had a great visit with the kids. It is all about family anyways! IMHO

  4. at least you are on the move enjoying the scenery and getting things done. Travel safe and hopefully no more dents.

  5. Pretty country you drove through. Love the tunnels.

  6. Wondered how you would deal with the high Billings prices.

  7. Hello Sandie! I've had a hard time catching up on my blog reading. You guys are at some pretty places. We have not seen some of these yet.

  8. Hey, we belong to the Moose too..Sometimes that's a great place to park the rig...cocktails and food right outside your back door!!

  9. Paperwork, paperwork. It's enough to make you sorry you bought a new trailer. ;c)


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