Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank Goodness for Friends and Happy Birthday Rocky Joe

Yuma, AZ   Finally – beautiful weather.  High 76  Low 53

Every morning we are treated to these beautiful sunrises and I never get tired of watching them change colors.



Love the reflection in our windows.


On February 1, Rocky Joe turned 13. He is 100% Jim’s dog. He pays absolutely no attention to me unless it’s time to eat and he knows I’m the one with the spoon.

Happy Birthday Big Boy. Sure am glad you joined our family.


I am really out of it some days. Went off and forgot our passports (this is the second time I’ve done this). Called Ginny and she overnighted them to Ray for us. He went to the post office to sign for them and it is so very much appreciated.

ray and cindy

We got to go to dinner with Ray and Cindy at Chicken on the Run. One of those Mom and Pop type places with really great broasted chicken. Both Cindy and Jim wanted hush puppies but they were out of them. Just may have to go back again. Thanks for the pictures.


We also had to buy two new batteries for the Bungalow. Our other batteries weren’t even three years old but they were both dead when Jim had them checked. We are now up and running again.

Saturday I have an appointment to see a dentist in Algodones about getting a new bridge and a possible root canal. Wish me luck. I really hate going to the dentist. (This part of the plan definitely changed but that will be a new blog post.)


  1. So nice that Ray and Cindy were there to help you out, They are a supper couple, they were there last year to pick us up from the airport when we had to fly home. Broasted chicken? Love good broasted chicken , think we need to check it out, thanks for the tip, Good luck with the dentist.

  2. Checkout Ajo with Google Earth to see how big the copper mine is next to the town. Huge piles of tailings in the area. The town square in Ajo is neat. Have fun.

  3. One of the great things when we were fulltiming without a toad was we never left home without something important. :)

  4. Awesome sunrise! Makes one want to sit back, take a deep breath and absorb it all in. Happy Birthday Rocky Joe!

  5. Oh I love that photo of the reflection in your window. Gorgeous!

  6. Replies
    1. Remember, sunrise here is about 7 so the dogs usually have us up be then. Lol most of the year I'm a sunset gal.

  7. I forget a lot of things, but I usually never forget my passport!

  8. Happy Birthday Rocky Joe!!! Love those sunrise pictures....such pretty color!!
    The reflection of the sun on the Windows is awesome!!

  9. Beautiful sunrise...
    We have had to replace the battery in our Jeep a couple of times Sandie. We were told the heat here and in Utah is the cause. Bummer!
    Happy Birthday Rocky Joe!

  10. Loved getting acquainted with "child" number two. The sunrise pictures on the windows was amazing.

  11. Happy Birthday Rocky Joe!! I really like the sunset reflection on your windows.
    Good luck at the dentist office...

  12. Happy Birthday to Rocky Joe! So glad that he has blended in so well to your family! Say hi to Ray and Cindy for us when you see them next.

  13. I just finished watching one of those sunrises beautiful way to start the day. Happy Birthday Rocky Joe! Cute little guy.

  14. I remember you having a dead battery on the truck at Pilot Knob. There must be an alien eating up batteries there.

  15. Crikey Rocky Jo ..... I missed your birthday, mate. Hope you had a good one. Did you get any icecream?? It's compulsory on birthdays you know!! Happy belated birthday Rocky Jo.

  16. I love the picture with the reflection in your windows. Amazing


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