Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Week In Quartzsite

Lousy weather – Highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s. Wind and more wind

As you can see, we have made really great progress in Rocky’s adjustment to our family. That’s my lap.

rocky10We still have our moments but the last two have been over possession of the back seat of the truck. Hopefully, as we keep traveling that issue will also go away. Skittlez doesn’t cry anymore when we leave them. But Rocky likes to bark so we will have to do something about that when we get back to AJ.

When he’s not on Jim’s lap, he hogs the sunshine.

Rocky Joe

He also barks at other people because he gets very nervous around them. And we just make sure we keep him protected from other animals. He has certainly filled a hole in our hearts with lots of love.

We didn’t do much while we were in Q because I was so cold most of the time. The first couple of days were completely overcast and dreary. Then the sun came out but the wind was relentless.

We were parked next to John and Nan and had a great visit with them when we could brave the cold and wind. Yes, George, I really am a wimp. George and Susie were parked just across the wash from us and I had hoped we could get to one of their happy hours but I just couldn’t sit outside. Hopefully next year we can get a chance to visit.

Jim, Nan and John

silly als1

We did drive out to Plomosa Road to see Barbara and Katie and we visited for about a half hour with her and some friends. Good to see them again. That’s about it for visiting.

We only ate out once at Silly Al’s with John and Nan and got to meet their friends, Lynda and Howard and Al. We got there at 1:00 and were able to find parking and a table. There was a steady stream of folks coming in to eat but it was not near as busy as I thought it would be.

Al, Lynda and Howard

silly als

In fact Q was not as crowded as in the past. There were a couple of traffic line ups but it didn’t stretch for miles like I’ve seen it happen. The Big Tent gets really crowded but I’m not sure how many folks are actually buying anything.

We went to the big tent when they opened on Thursday morning. That was a good time to go. We were only there about half an hour and didn’t find anything we were looking for. Then on to Discount Solar for a battery cable since ours was in serious need of replacing.

Todd and Michaela – isn’t this about the most perfect dog – a beagle/dachshund. I thought he was so cute.

beagle dachshund

This is a 29 Model A. The guy who owns it runs a BBQ stand. Told us he drove it over the bridge to get it to the Big Tent.

big tent

Also had to get to the bakery a couple of times. They have the best blueberry turnovers I have ever had. Friday we drove over to Blythe to pick up our mail – nobody in line so we walked in and out. Perfect.

That was the extent of our visit to Q this year. Very few pictures because I was cold. What can I say.


  1. The weather is upside down. We had not had a snow cover for more than two days. Rain, ice and wind. In the sunshine it looks more like late March than January. By the way - one of our neighbours down the road owns a beagle/dachshound. Looks cute but that one is pretty noisy and agressive. Runs across the road to nip at your heals when one walks by.

  2. It was chilly but we spent most days outside in the sun and out of the wind. Would have nice if it was a bit warmer though. Now that you left if is warming up nicely.

  3. yep, too cold for us so we stayed in Mesa...

  4. Good to see the fur kids are getting along. It's a shame your wx wasn't warmer, but at least you and Jim made the best of it. Safe travels!

  5. The weather in Q this year makes me think of the term "huddled masses". I didn't mind missing it so much this year.

  6. I love that first photo. You need to print that and put it in a frame. They look so cute.

  7. It is nice to see that our pets like sunshine too.
    I enjoyed the pictures you posted. I really like the fact that you guys travel so much.
    Those Blueberry Turnovers sound yummy.

  8. It was SO nice to see you and Jim! You're right, it's been so cold not much fun doing anything outside. The wind just makes it worse. Today is the first day you would have liked. Katie is sitting outside in her stroller enjoying the sunshine as I write, and I have my door and screen open for the first time since I've been here. It should be nice from now on. I wish you were here now, but hopefully next year will be better! Love that new little guy, and I don't mean Jim, LOL!

  9. Crikey .... it sure was good to see that first picture. Good on Rocky and good on Skittlez. They are going to be great for one another. My Mum feels the cold too but we don't really get any cold out here. Mum has Raynaud's disease. I don't know if you know what that is but her hands go numb in the cold. Even when she walks past the freezer section in a supermarket. She'd never cope in the temperatures you endure over there.

  10. Rocky is so cute!! I'm glad he's made such a good adjustment to the family. Sounds like he's captured your hearts!!
    I have a hard time with cold as well. The wind just makes it worse. Sorry it was so cold and windybin Q this year....maybe next year will be better!!

  11. How do you manage to keep that sweater on Rocky? Fred's one or both legs always seem to come out and he comes looking at me like Help!.

    I have a friend at Q and she said the winds are awful there aren't much better here either.

  12. Yep, it's been really cold over here too! Did you get my email about the collar Sandi?

  13. I've been hearing from several bloggers about the cold weather and wind out there this year.

  14. We definitely agree we didn't come here for the cold weather this year. Everyone we spoke to have said this has been the Coldest, Wettest and Windiest they have ever seen it in Quartzsite. Hope it improves when we return next year.
    We'd also hoped to meet you and Jim along the way since we've been following you since before we started Blogging. We were the 5th wheel parked across the way from George. You would have seen the long wind sock every time you went outside.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  15. I like Jim's Papa Hemingway beard, he looks so distinguished.

  16. Great blog! It was good to meet up at Silly Al's. Sorry our friend talked your ear off!

  17. We didn't hang around for the big tent. The weather was just too nasty. Also, lots of vendors were missing this year.

  18. We were parked across the wash along with George and Suzie, Rick and Kathy etc. Fantastic 2 weeks even if we did have to sit outside in our winter parkas.

  19. I don't know why when you lose a pet that the other one or ones you have can't fill that hole. You need a NEW one! Glad Rocky is helping you. He's a lucky boy.


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