Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yuma Roundup

Pilot Knob, CA   High 74  Low 53

We boondocked at Pilot Knob when we got to Yuma. We were parked with Freddy and Delcie, Jerry and Janice, and Ed and Linda.

I took absolutely no pictures while we were there except for a couple of sunrise and sunset. I’m really out of blogging practice.

We had lots of errands to run while in Yuma and made three visits to Mexico to the dentist. We had a chance to meet up with Ray and Cindy one more time for dinner at Lin’s Buffet along with Cindy’s Mom and Sister.

We had a couple of campfires and Jim had an exciting run across the desert. Rocky Joe was being so good about staying attached to Jim’s side when he went outside. On our third trip to San Luis Rio Coronado, we took the pups with us. When we got home, we let them out and normally they head straight for the door. This time, Rocky got to the door and looked under the RV.

An RVer who was parked about 50 yards away, had their four cute little fluffy dogs outside. Rocky spotted them and was off as fast as his short legs would take him. He was ready for the attack. Jim took off running after him, yelling at him but he wasn’t going to stop for anything. We are so grateful that those fluff balls were all in a pen. But I was sure that Jim was going to have a heart attack chasing after him. Needless to say, Rocky will not be off leash every again.

lutes-logoOutlineWe met up with friends at Lute’s Casino for dinner. This place is not a casino, just a restaurant and very eclectic. Check out the pictures at Lute's. I had a good hamburger and Jim had a grilled ham and cheese “philly style”. You know I do not like cheese, but his sandwich looked really good and he said it was excellent. I’d order it without cheese next time.

How about a sunset picture this time.



  1. I am picturing Jim running after Rocky. Sorry Jim but I am laughing really hard. lol
    Our sandwiches at Lutes were delicious also!

  2. Sounds like more fun times , and Jim running after Rocky, he sure got a workout and glad he is ok.

  3. Nothing quite like running after our fur babies huh?
    Your sunset pic was beautiful. I'm having trouble remembering to take pictures for the blog as well. I'm out of practice!!

  4. awww, little Rocky.....he meant well....mabe one more chance :) Kelly

  5. I almost never let HAlley off a leash outside, she is a bit nuts:)

  6. You certainly aren't letting any dust settle, quite the social butterflies you are.

    I agree with Kelly, let Rocky have another chance, it wasn't his fault that he was lured away.

  7. Fred did get a second chance and blew it. He now has a corral in the yard. Those little legs can really move. Poor Jim.
    Sounds like you two are really having a great winter.

  8. I have never felt comfortable with my dog off leash; even the most well behaved will sometimes run. If you are boondocking in the desert and no other campers in site, then maybe.

  9. Just like Marsha I can just see Jim running and chasing your pup. That one you should have caught on camera! :)

  10. Good thing you didn't have Jim on his leash... :cD

  11. Also chuckling at the image of Jim running after Rocky. Lutes is our go to place in Yuma for an early lunch on our way to Mexico.


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