Saturday, February 25, 2017

We’ve Been Busy–But I’m Not Sure Why

Apache Junction, AZ   High 67  Low 42

After our arduous trek through Organ Pipe, we returned to our spot at Santa Fe RV Park. We had a wonderful time while we were on vacation, but it always feels good to get “home”.

First order of business was to catch up with friends here in the park and out to lunch with Paul. We went to the Mongolian Grill and chowed down on lots of stir-fry.  We also met up with Paula at Red Robin. Made Paul join us again – somebody has to take charge of his social calendar. We also went to see Aunt Happy who is still doing as good as always.

Sunday, I got a phone call from Faye inviting us to Sunday dinner at their place. She and Don are parked at the RoadRunner RV Park here in AJ. No way I’d turn down dinner with friends. She had stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer that were marvelous. And she also had marinated soda crackers. I know that sounds strange but they were so good. And easy – so it’s something I can do. Dinner was ham sliders, potato salad, and deviled eggs with avocado. Delicious.

Check out the recipe at crackers.


Second on our list was a follow up doctor appointment for Rocky Joe. The growth on his side did not look any better and the vet said it needed to be removed and sent for a biopsy. We decided that while he was under, we’d have the hole in his mouth fixed. When a tooth was pulled earlier, it left a big hole that never healed over. Bacteria and other icky stuff can go up in the hole and into the sinus and cause real problems with infection. Surgery was scheduled for Tuesday.

rockySurgery went well. He did have to have another tooth removed, so he’s down to only three teeth. It hasn’t affected his ability to eat though. He goes back in a couple of weeks to get all the stitches removed. Now we need to decide what we’re going to do with his barking when we’re gone.

We bought a Barkwise Vibration collar. Janna said that they had really good results with Emmi. We aren’t doing so good. He could care less that this thing is vibrating around his neck and that there’s a sound that is supposed to distract him. Jim talked to customer service and they told us that it could talk a week or so before results happen so he is still wearing the collar. They offer a 45 day return policy so we’ll see if any changes happen in the next few days.


I had a doctor’s appointment mainly to check on my anemia and to establish a doctor down here. I was very pleased with Dr. Lea.

My computer died. It would not connect to the internet and nothing Jim or Paula or Paul suggested worked to fix it. After several days, Jim ended up taking it to Best Buy for help. I was worried it was fatal and I would need to get a new computer. But the guy was able to fix it by resetting some drivers (whatever that means) and didn’t charge us anything. In the meantime, I’ve gotten way behind on reading blogs and I may never catch up.

Haven’t taken many pictures lately. Have a couple more adventures to blog about later.


  1. I make marinated crackers too, but I use oyster crackers. Yummy.

    Poor Rocky Joe. It has been through so much. Hope the collar begins to work for you.

    That was really nice of BB to fix your computer without charge. Glad you are back in business.

  2. That is such an adorable picture of Rocky!! Love how he is sitting up. I sure hope the collar helps with the barking.
    Glad you were able to return to your spot
    Safe and sound!!

  3. Glad you got the computer fixed. I figured it was something with the actual wifi card.

  4. So sorry the collar doesn't seem to be working. Friends here at North Ranch purchased one for their rescue dog--he too could have cared less that something was vibrating around his neck and we turned the vibration up as high as it would go. Our WY friends who just arrived also have a new rescue dog with separation anxiety--we purchased the above mentioned collar from Ellie and it works like a charm with our WY friends dog. I guess it depends on temperament???

  5. You and Jim are always so busy but it all sound like a good time except for the Vet part. I really am lucky with Fred,, he is so well behaved and I have never had a barking problem with him and he is in such good health.

  6. those crackers are like crack, highly addicting

  7. Nice that you back home again and getting things together. Computer fixed is great too. Hope that bark collar works for you soon.

  8. Ok, so I've never heard of marinated crackers. Will someone explain to me how you do it and what you use?

    Good luck getting the collar to work.

  9. If that collar doesn't work, you could always use it on Jim when he starts telling those stories about the big fish that got away... ;c)

  10. Rocky is so lucky he adopted you guys.

  11. Happy to hear Rock Joes surgery went well. Hope you all can get the collar to work for the barking. I used to leave the tv on when we first introduced our mastiff pup to the motor home. We would find her up on the dash curled up just looking out the window. I'm not sure if she liked being behind the curtain or not but the windshield sun cover may have helped her hiding spot.

    Love the cracker snacks. We use one that was on the pioneer woman cooking show.

    Seasoned Buttery Crackers

    Prep Time:5 Minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Cook Time: 20 Minutes
    Servings: 8 Servings

    ◾2 sticks Salted Butter
    ◾1 teaspoon Italian Seasoning
    ◾1/2 teaspoon Seasoned Salt
    ◾1 package (1 Sleeve) Saltine Crackers


    Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F.
    Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the Italian seasoning and seasoned salt. Dunk the saltines in the mixture and place on a rack over a baking sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes.

  12. With so much to do,you sure are getting busy in the blogging department.Best recipe to prevent excessive barking is running your dog tired. That means YOU have to run too. Extensive walks is fixing almost any problem with bad doggy behaviour. But YES, it takes time out of your calendar. We had 2 dogs initially, until Boomer, a lab, died in 2008. Boomer liked to be vocal when we first got him, but with the activity treatment kicking in he shut up. Sleeping dogs don't bark!

  13. I've been bad. Haven't been checking blogs. Glad to see you two are social butterflies and cheering everyone up. Sorry to hear about Rocky. I hope all results turn out okay. My son adopted a dog years ago, and he wound up having no teeth. We used to laugh because when Jack wanted to eat, Moe would do a low not really a growl and Jack would back off from his own food.

    Bogey is still with me. He's decided he likes the lounge chair better than his bed. It gets a little crowded with the both of us. Glad to hear Aunt Happy is doing well. I sort of laughed when you said you were on vacation. The rest of the world would think you're nuts since you're really, in their minds, vacationing all the time.

    Rocky looks like he walks around on two feet. I don't know anything about how to stop barking. That's the one thin about raising from a puppy--you avoid all the wrong things people have taught them. Glad you are well.

  14. Rocky sure lucked out when you decided to adopt him. Hope all is well post surgery.

  15. I saved the recipe for those crackers. I always hate to make things like that because if we like them too much.....well, you know. Glad Rocky is ok. I'm still going back on past blogs to see where he came from. :)


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