Monday, June 16, 2014


Pinedale, WY  High 65  Low 38

Sightseeing and playing tourist in Wyoming had to take a back seat to our stupid leaking toilet. Jim would fix one spot and then a different one would leak. Very frustrating.

We finally reached the Warren Bridge Campground between Pinedale and Jackson, WY.


This is my kind of campground – no trees. I know many of you love to camp in the trees but I love the wide open spaces. This campground is on BLM land and for us old Americans it’s only $5 a night – no hookups.


The main reason we wanted to be here was to visit with our good friends. Tom and Diane are camp hosting at this campground.

Jim, Jeff, and Tom


Me, Diane, and Tina


Had this beauty wander through the campground. Notice how close it was to Jim and Scooter.



This mama killdeer kept a wary eye on us as we walked by her nest which is on the road. Tom and Diane put up a fence around her so hopefully there will be babies before too long.



We spent several nights here and Jim was finally able to stop the toilet from leaking.


  1. $5 a night and with a view of the mountains. That's our kind of campground!

  2. I don't like to camp in the trees, either, but it's because trees block our satellite signal and sometimes our slides. LOL!

  3. I am on the side of the trees! I do like the views, but prefer to have some shade.

  4. And did you notice you are on flat ground? This roller coaster country makes me dizzy.

  5. We used to love the trees but that was many years ago. Now give ne the campground with a clear shot for our satellite and plenty of sun. I'm guessing if we were camping in Arizona during the summer, we might want lots of trees to keep us cool but we're not and we won't.

  6. Good wildlife shots and I like those temps better than the ones you were having. We know how frustrating nagging RV issues can be.

  7. Glad you got the toilet fixed. I like both trees and openness.

  8. I could enjoy the openness there but down here where we have some heat, I definitely prefer to have the shade. Just like RVs, there is the perfect one for everyone no matter what your taste. Glad the toilet is off Jim's fix-it list.

  9. it was so fun to have you both here! And, I am pleased to tell you that the killdeer eggs hatched this morning:) I will email you a photo of one of the chicks just as it came out of the shell... all legs. and that they are up and scurrying around in no time at all. Really a treat to watch the process.have fun, and we'll look forward to our next time together. D & T

  10. Our kind of park has full hookups.


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