Thursday, June 19, 2014

Heading North

Sunshine and Rain – Highs 64 to 72  Lows 38 to 42

Thursday morning we said a reluctant goodbye to our friends and that beautiful campground and headed towards Montana.





We were going to spend the night in Ashton, ID before heading up to Bozeman, MT on Friday. However, when we got to Rexburg, ID (Only about 20 miles from Ashton) a big highway sign was flashing at us – trucks not allowed on Highway 20 north of Ashton due to road construction. Other vehicles expect significant delays of up to two hours. HOLD everything!!

We pulled over, ate lunch and decided that we would head over to I-15 and head to Dillon for the night. So instead of a 180 mile day, we ended up with a 320 mile day. We didn’t even unhitch at the campground in Dillon.

On Friday morning we drove on to Bozeman. The closer we got to Bozeman the worse the skies looked.



By the time we got to the campground, it was pouring rain. It’s been forever since we have had to unhook in the rain. We were soaked to the bone.

The girls were not impressed either.


Scooter is always hopeful that there are critters waiting to be hunted.


Bozeman was not in our original travel plans but we had an excellent reason for the detour. Details in my next blog post.


  1. I LOVE Bozeman! I have the neatest story about a little girl named Lily Mae. Too long to post in comments. I had a hard time finding Skittlz (sorry always forget the spelling) in the covers and Skooter is the Dachshund version of Jack. Pats and hugs to them. :)

    Can't wait to see your pictures of Bozeman, and the reason you're there.

  2. Great pictures, Sandie ~ always love seeing the girls ... as I've said many many times ... love clicking on your blog and in BIG picture form... there they are .. HAHaaa

    Hi Nancy ;)

  3. I really like the photos of the storm clouds. I never unhitched in the rain that I can remember - just jump out of the truck and into the rig! Is Bozeman just a stop or are you at your final destination?

  4. The nice thing about this lifestyle is they are made in jello.
    Excellent photos today.

  5. The first shots are really pretty and I hate you had to detour then unhook in the rain the next day - I hate doing that as well.

  6. Detours are not good, but sounds like you have a good reason to be in Bozeman.

  7. At least the RV park in Dillon has nice long pull through. Rain to unhitch in, ugh. We did that last summer when we were with Don and Sharon and don't ever want to do it again. They predict rain every day here but not much happens.

  8. Can't ever remember having to un-hitch in the rain but I'm sure I am overdue. Always enjoy looking at storm clouds. They give the sky such a moody personality.

  9. Good choice about making that detour...may have been more miles, but you were moving. Bummer having to unhitch in a downpour!

  10. Yipes---bet you were soaked (after looking at those dark clouds).... Glad you made it though --and hope you slept well that night!!!!!

    I love Montana... Ah Shucks---I love all of those areas out west...

  11. Curious what campground you stayed at in Dillon? We will be heading up that way in 2 weeks and plan to stay at the Clark Canyon Reservoir south of Dillon but were looking for a backup site in Dillon. Take Care.

  12. Glad they had a warning sign before you got to the construction. We got caught in a bridge repair once and had to turn around and drive back almost 50 miles to where they should have put a warning sign out in the first place.

  13. I am just so glad you made it there safely!

    The kids just crack me up!

  14. Seems like your girls are always posing for the camera :-)


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