Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Curvature of the Earth

Wendover, NV and UT

First of all, Jim wants me to clarify that his truck will definitely go more than 80 mph. But not with me applying “my brake” on my side of the truck. He insists I’ve put a dent in the floor from trying to step on a non-existent brake pedal.

We all know that the earth is round but it is hard to actually see the curvature of the earth. It can be seen best from airplanes or ships but there is at least one place on land where you can experience this phenomenon.

Remember how flat the salt flats were when we were driving on them? And this is what I-80 looks like when you’re driving it.


Just west of Wendover you drive up to the crest of Three Mile Mountain, turn around, park your vehicle and look out over the salt flats. In the picture below I-80 is on the left. The other road is a frontage road.


You can maybe use your imagination and see the curvature but what you need to do is go up there at night. Pictures cannot due it justice but it was an incredible experience to see the lights of those cars going up and disappearing over the “edge”.


For us this was an incredible experience. Sure glad we decided to stop in Wendover.


  1. I couldn't pull up the top two pictures but I'm gonna take your word that I would have been able to see it. :)

  2. ah ... he wanted you to let us know his truck goes over 80... HAHaaa.... aren't 'they' cute.

    and Yes! I know what you mean by that.... ol West Texas is flatter 'n a flitter. it is pretty as well as the stars at night ... flat country is pretty at night ... but to drive for hours and hours ... oh, baruther ...

  3. Good one for our imagination!

  4. The one thing I loved about RVing is that I felt justified going 55 mph. My first trip to CA towing my 5th wheel was wonderful because all along the highways were signs posted about trucks and anything towing a trailer were limited to 55. At that time the trucks followed the speed limit religiously, so I figured enforcement must be strict. I think 55 is a nice, comfortable, civilized speed at which to travel.

  5. Interesting views especially at night.

  6. Once again your photos are great. Jim had to know a lot of us would be pulling his chain. That's why you didn't ride in the race car with him.

  7. Interesting shots Sandy. Going 80 across the salt flats with the bungelow in tow would have been impressive :-)

  8. Terrific photos - and that night show is really neat! It's like driving off the edge of the earth!

  9. Ok, this is definitely on our "to see" list!! It sounds like an amazing experience!!! I can see the curve in the picture and I imagine at night it is incredible!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  10. Wow---what an experience... The Salt Flats are truly amazing --especially when looking at them from up on Three Mile Mountain... Amazing!!!! So glad you took us there... Loved seeing it.

  11. That is really interesting. Although I've seen the curvature by looking at boats out in the ocean, I've never seen it on land.

  12. HAHAHA....I am sure his monster truck can go more than 80.

    What a cool sight.


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