Friday, June 13, 2014

Utah Sights

High 80’s

Metaphor – the Tree of Utah

There is no place to pull over to take a picture so this was the best I could do.


This one taken by Eccentric Roadside is much better.


Out in the middle of the salt flats is this 87-foot-tall sculpture that was created by the Swedish artist Karl Momen in the 1980s. The sculpture, which is constructed mainly of concrete, consists of a 'trunk' holding up six spheres that are coated with natural rock and minerals native to Utah. There are also several hollow sphere segments on the ground around the base representing falling leaves. Inscribed on the plaque are the words from Ode to Joy – “A hymn to our universe, whose glory and dimension is beyond all myth and imagination”.

Sam – this picture is for you.


Ups and downs through the mountains.


And clouds, beautiful clouds.


The only stop we made in the state of Utah was to get fuel. On into Wyoming.


  1. Can you see "the tree" from the highway? At last an answer. I remember whizzing by it years ago...just caught a glimpse and always wondered what it was.

    Will you go through Flaming Gorge? If my memory serves me right it's near the border of Wyoming. I also remember a little town called Centennial--was my first real sensation of the vastness of the west. It was just a tiny little town. Probably has grown by now. Would love to hear about either if you do happen to pass through. Glad you're having a great time.

  2. My computer says possible snow flurries for WY on Friday night and Saturday, you may not want to come back this way yet.

  3. I wonder how the cement trucks got way out there, or how any truck got way out there. I would think that would have cost an arm and leg to build. It is pretty cool though.

  4. The Tree of Utah is pretty interesting - impressive structure. Also, that last photo is fabulous with the different cloud formations!

  5. At least that tree doesn't need water. Utah is definitely an up and down state. If you like mountains, that's where to be.

  6. Utah is a beautiful State to visit.

  7. Interesting place for a sculpture.

  8. LOVE the Tree of Utah, Sandie! hate I missed that!

    Ode to Joy – “A hymn to our universe, whose glory and dimension is beyond all myth and imagination”.

    right on ...

  9. Looks like you are having endless fun! Love the cloud picture! Funny, you are on one side if the mountains and we are sort of following you on the other!

  10. You sure are seeing a lot this trip !

  11. We can't wait to do some exploring in Utah!!! So much to see:-)

  12. That tree is really interesting. Never saw that.


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