Thursday, December 5, 2013

I’m a Slug

Apache Junction, AZ  High 54 Low 34

Well, I actually got dressed and out of the house today. Yesterday I didn’t move any further than I had to.

Let’s see – what have I done this week. Monday afternoon I went to the dermatologist. I have squamous cell carcinoma which is going to be removed on the 19th using the Mohs procedure.

Tuesday Jim had his appointment with his heart doctor. She was pleased with his tests but he is scheduled to have an echocardiogram on the 18th. She also wants him to see a pulmonologist but we don’t have that appointment scheduled.

We stopped for lunch at Coconut’s Fish Café in Scottsdale. Decided to try something out of my comfort level and had their fish tacos. They were wonderful.

Their tables:

fish table

Yesterday – as I said above – I played the part of a slug very well.

Today we ran errands. We had a couple of packages to mail so our first stop was the post office. Then we went to the animal shelter with some blankets that we had bought for them. Took our recycling over to the recycling yard. Stopped at Walmart and the RV store for some necessary items.

Give me sunshine.


I forgot to mention that last Sunday we got to meet up with good friends for dinner. One of my favorite things ever. I’m pretty sure we visited for over two hours and the restaurant didn’t even throw us out.

Jim, me, Nancy, Linda, Dave, Jeri and Terry


Our generator quit working on our trip south this year so Jim got it running again. Wonder what else I can find for him to fix.

ScooterIt got cold here. It was only 38 this morning when I got up and tonight is supposed to be even colder. Needless to say, the Blue Flame came out from under it’s covers and I’m not sure who’s happier – me or the girls. I’m just really grateful that we aren’t dealing with any snow or ice like so many folks are. Or below zero temps. Billings, MT had a high of –2 today and right now it is –13.

If you get a chance, check out my friend Carol’s blog. Carol and Doug  She just started blogging and I think she’s doing a great job.


  1. Have you put up lights on the RV?

    The pup looks so cozy next to the flame.

  2. The trouble with seeing any doctor is that they want you to undergo a test. No matter that the results are good, they want to refer you to another specialist, no doubt for more tests. It's self-perpetuating and is the reason for outrageous health care costs.

  3. Doesn't sound like a slug day to me! great table! I read Linda's blog and saw your picture... what fun.

    I don't like tests .. medical or otherwise. AND it is freezing rain now here at 12:30pm ... I don't like it.

  4. Don't know whats going on with the cold in the whole country but I don't like it. Here in Coffeyville we will have a total of 5 days where it doesn't get above freezing.

  5. Hope we can get out of this icy area and just have the plain cold you have there, that would be nice today.

  6. I cannot understand the changes in the weather pattern either. We are expected to have some rain today. Then snow over the weekend. When are shoppers supposed to do shopping.

  7. It has been way too cold for our comfort level too! What's this? You had a fish taco? Now that's a hard one to believe. Terry would never, never try it. I can't believe you did. Glad to hear you liked it though.

  8. What's wrong with being a slug? I am hard at work to reach that level... ;c)

  9. Being here in the park, it's easy to have slug days. Many days I think I won't even get dressed but you know someone will come knocking on that day.

  10. Good luck with your MOHS procedure, Nat and I are totally familiar with those! The pooch sure is enjoying that sunshine!

  11. I'm not a fish taco guy either. What kind of fish do they use? How did that fish get into the middle of the desert.....just sayin'..

  12. Being a slug is nice! That is what we will probably do this weekend. It is just so cold! Thanks for the blurb about my blog! Hope all the health issues go well for you guys.

  13. Please pass all the tests and procedures with flying colors. And bundle up; I dug out a sweatshirt yesterday to wear under my polar fleece.

  14. Everyone must have the occasional slug day - I'm planning on building a fire and watching football all day tomorrow.

  15. We were slugs this weekend too. Needs to be a few degrees warmer.


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