Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Surprise Gift

Apache Junction, AZ  High 79  Low 52

Friday I got a call from Jan. For those of you who have read her blog, you know that she’s had a serious infection in her voice box and wasn’t supposed to talk.

So I answered the phone and told her not to talk. But she had a gift to give me and she had to tell me about it. Our Escapees Chapter 45 had planned their Christmas party at the Arizona Opry here in Apache Junction.


Jim and I had decided not to spend the money this year. Jan and Bill had purchased their tickets and Friday night was the night. However, Jan did not feel good enough to go. So Jim and I got to attend in their place.

Thank you Jan. We had a fantastic time. I feel so bad that you weren’t able to go.

Saturday we headed over to Dianna’s house. Had some things to get done on her trailer so she’s ready to go when we leave in January.

On our trip to Tombstone last year her bumper cap had fallen off and she was dragging her sewer hose down the highway. She replaced the hose and wanted end caps that would stay in place. She found some good ones at Camping World and Jim installed them for her.

She also had a piece of trim that had come loose and Jim was able to tack it down for her.


She also bought a new generator and Jim unpacked it and made sure it would run.


I think she’s ready to go.

fishMonday Jim and John (our 91 year old neighbor) went fishing. Jim caught the only fish but he threw it back because it’s a lot of work to clean just one fish.

Tomorrow is a day of doctor appointments for Jim. So exciting.


  1. Is there anything Jim can't fix? If you are ever in NJ please stop by, we've got lots of stuff needs fixin.

  2. Have you ever heard of the organization "Rent A Husband"? It's for real, a bunch of handy guys got a company together, (or maybe their wives did it), and you can hire them to do the handy little jobs that need doing. Jim would be a real prize "rental".

  3. Bet you enjoyed the Opry.... There's one in Nashville (the 'real' Grand Ole Opry) and one in Sevierville/Gatlinburg area --which is similar to the one you went to. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Sorry your friend couldn't go ---but glad you all could go in their place.. I'm sure it was GREAT.

    Hope you two have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Jim is sure a good neighbor, but when he goes fishing he should take pictures of the fish, not the bait.

  5. Isn't it strange...mankind flew to the moon in the sixties, but we still have end caps falling off the bumpers. We have lost several...

  6. Jim & Paul are cut from the same mold.....like to be working!

    That fish was definitely not worth cleaning!! :-)

  7. Always nice to have a few projects to keep a fellow busy.

  8. I'm certainly glad there are enough people around there to come up with things for Jim to do. We loved the Arizona Opry when we visited it last year but doubt we'll do it again for a while.

  9. That Jim is quite the handy guy. Can he come visit us?

  10. Aren't we lucky women to have Jim and Michael!

  11. I asked JIm if he ever went to the Az Opery, but he told me the food wasn't worth the price...........

  12. That was a very nice gift. It was an even nicer gift to that fish Jim threw back. I bet the fish really appreciated it! :cD

  13. I think Jim should start an RV repair mobile service and get paid for all that work:)

  14. We really liked the AZ Opry and hope to go again when up there. So glad you got to go! The Lion Sleeps Tonight is my all time favorite song!

  15. What does Jim like more, fishing or helping folks? Ah we know - fishing!!


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