Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Made it to Butte

Butte, MT  High 78  Low 44

My biggest concern was getting the rig out of Todd’s subdivision because of all the road construction. Jim talked to the flagger before we pulled out and she told him she would watch for us and move barrels so we could maneuver.


With her help we made it out just fine if very slowly. She’s running ahead of us to move the cones and barrels. We wouldn’t fit down the right side because the trees would have torn up the rig.


Remember how green Montana was in June when we went over Bozeman Pass.


This is how it looked as we came through yesterday.


Do you think maybe we had the air conditioning on a little high?


My nerves are shot and I’m just plain tired.


To get to Butte you have to climb Homestake Pass. It’s a long steep climb but no problem for our Chevy Duramax.



And what goes up has to come down into Butte.


P1060497We stayed at the Walmart which has easy access from the Interstate and also in and out of the parking lot. Must have been about 10 rigs keeping us company. After we got the girls settled, we picked up Tara and went to dinner at Fred’s BBQ. Jim and I had their steak sandwich which was really good. We would definitely go back there again. Eric had a class so he couldn’t join us. We’ll have to meet him next summer when we come through this way.

Back on the road this morning for more adventures.


  1. That flagger actually ran? Was she trying to help you or hurrying to get rid of you? :cD

  2. Glad you survived the storm and are successfully on the road again.

  3. Construction sites can be a real hazard for RV's. Nice of the flagger to help you out.

    Great pic of the pups under the covers.

  4. Love that photo of the doggy all snuggled under the covers.... I have a friend who hides in the bathroom when they're driving "difficult" roads. She and the pup could console each other:-)

  5. My nerves would be shot after a day like that. How was Jim feeling? After a nice dinner and a good night's sleep you should be ready to tackle another day.

  6. Safe travels!

    P.S. our doxie hides under the covers too!

  7. Glad you made it safely out of the construction. Doxies do love their blankies, no matter what the temps around them. They are such snugglers.

  8. That construction would have made me nervous too.

  9. Well, I know Jim and he probably wasn't worked up at all.... But that said, I'm also certain that didn't help you a bit when it comes to thinking about all the stuff that could have gone wrong.....

    Glad you got on the road OK and take care of those Doxies.....

  10. How nice to have the flagger's help. Obviously, Jim knows how to talk to people to get that type of cooperation. And all your worry didn't help a bit. :)

  11. I think that construction zones have to be the biggest challenge for any RV. We had our motor home on the "rental fleet" (never do that again, but whatever) and some Monkey brain managed to do a number on both sides as a result of hitting first one side of concrete barricades, and then the other. Insurance fixed it up, but it was a bit heart wrenching.
    Then, years later, just to prove that I too can do something stupid, I managed to clip one of those diamond shaped signs that one of the workers had placed just a little too close.
    Put it this way, I learned how to order a new mirror from a company called "Velvac", and that's all I'll say.

  12. Lucky you had a flagger willing to help otherwise you might have boondocking right there. It's amazing to us how much road construction there is. It's everywhere. I guess there's lots of dollars in the highway budget.

  13. Now that is a wonderful thing that gal did for you.

    What a difference between June and now. It shows why fires can occur so easily.

    Those kids just crack me up!

  14. I know how you feel about driving through construction. Some times I have to remind myself to breathe. I especially dislike those cement walls they use. I found closing my eyes very helpful.

  15. We have come to like Home Depot and Loews too. Not as crowded.

  16. We havw a cat, JJ, that likes to get under blankets too.


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