Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seaman–The Dog of Discovery

Salmon, ID  High 89  Low  55


Inscribed on his collar:

The greatest traveler of my species. My name is Seaman, the dog of Captain Meriwether Lewis, whom I accompanied to the Pacifick Ocean through the interior of the continent of North America.

Seaman was a black Newfoundland and was the only animal to complete the entire trip with Lewis and Clark from the Atlantic to the Pacific and back. Captain Lewis purchased him for $20 in Pittsburg.

During the expedition in 1805 Seaman had to have surgery on one of the arteries in his hind leg that had been severed by a beaver bite. In 1806 he was stolen by Indians and Lewis threatened to send armed men to kill the Indian tribe if Seaman was not returned. The Indians decided the dog was not worth the battle and returned him.

P1060582Now for a complete change of pace – take a look at this owl. He is on top of a bar in Salmon. What’s interesting about him is the fact that he is full of arrows. Yep, arrows. But I haven’t been able to find out why.

Can you see them better now?


Tonight we are in Arco, ID. I have to say that the drive from Salmon to Challis has to be one of the most beautiful we’ve driven. I took lots of pictures but these are my favorites.






  1. Oh what a gorgeous area... Love traveling with you two. That owl is puzzling... Wonder why there are arrows?????? Hmmmm... Interesting.

    Seaman had an incredible life, didn't he?

    Have a great day. It's beautiful today on the Cumberland Plateau. Temps got down into the 40's last night. Love it.

  2. My goodness, more great pictures. We do have a talented group don't we.

  3. Thanks for posting all the great pics and stories of your travels. It's been very interesting and entertaining.

  4. Not much on traveling myself, so keep the history lessons coming!

    The owl...A high school graduation prank turned tradition?

  5. Will you be going to Craters of the Moon? Are you in the campground with the view of all the graduating class numbers on the side of the mountain?

  6. Now my eyes hurt!

    That is beautiful country for sure!

  7. Is that your eagle in the picture of Seaman? Cute!

  8. I think those owl eyes look like targets and arrows don't bring the audience that guns do.

    I, too, saw your eagle.

  9. That is some beautiful country. I remember reading about Seaman when we were doing some Lewis and Clark explorations. Great dog, but then aren't they all?

  10. I hope you are in the campground that offers the free breakfast. Did you see the submarine while you were there?

  11. I hope you are in the campground that offers the free breakfast. Did you see the submarine while you were there?

  12. Some more awesome pictures thanks again for sharing.

  13. Wow,what gorgeous views! The arrows? Don't have a clue. But loved Seaman's story! There's a new commercial on TV where someone is getting a new puppy. A little black puppy. A really cute puppy. Then he looks across the driveway into a field...there's the full grown version of his little puppy. A big Newfie!

  14. You guys are sure visiting some interesting places. In looking at the map, the road from Salmon to Challis looks pretty gnarly.

  15. I understand that dog was HUGE. That is a pretty area. I hope your getting out of the heat.

  16. Last year we made the same drive south of Salmon and it was gorgeous then too. Have a safe trip.

  17. You guys sure are driving through some beautiful country. Can't wait until I can get back on the road.

  18. Giving us a lot of ideas for late summer next year. Great photos!!


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