Thursday, September 26, 2013

Street Vibrations

Reno, NV  High 59  Low 38

I forgot to tell you about our excitement the day we arrived here in Reno. Jim was cutting up treats for the girls with tin snips and proceeded to almost cut the tip of his finger off. I wrapped a Band-Aid around it very tightly but after two hours it was still bleeding profusely. Found an urgent care not too far away. They cleaned out the cut and determined he didn’t need stitches. They glued some steri-strips on it and because of his diabetes, put him on a five day dose of antibiotics. It’s looking pretty good now. Still sore if he bumps it but healing.

Also wanted to share this picture with you. We came over Lost Trail Pass about two weeks ago. This is what it looked like today. Sure am glad we didn’t wait any longer to head south.

lost trail pass

Now back to the Reno area.

Street Vibrations is a celebration of music, metal and motorcycles. They are expecting over 30,000 bikers and have several stages set up for entertainment and major events are planned at Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe.

I understand they had some problems a couple of years ago between the Hells Angels and the Vagos gangs which would explain this sign on our laundromat door here in the park.


Lots of toyhaulers pulled into the RV park yesterday and the park is almost full. Rather noisy now with all the bikes. This is one of the nicest parks we have ever stayed at. Very well maintained. Friendly staff.


Huge wonderful dog walks. But those dog walks scare Skittlez to death. Even when there aren’t any other dogs in them. Not sure if she is overwhelmed with all the smells but she refuses to do what she’s there for. All of the sites have fake grass and they really don’t want dogs peeing on it. We try hard to avoid that issue.

That means we have to do something with Skitz. We do have a couple of pads in the house but she doesn’t like to use them either. However, there is a park not far from us that allows dogs on leashes so we make several trips a day to the park. The girls love it.

Sparks Marina Park

Jim and Scooter chasing geese.


This sign made Jim unhappy.


Male ducks doing their thing when there’s a female around.



There are a few sailboats at the marina. They also use this lake to practice scuba diving. They sunk an airplane in it for divers to explore.




  2. Egads Jim. Be more careful. Hope he didn't get any blood in those treats.

    Those ducks look like a few guys I used to know. They did the same dance when a pretty girl walked by

  3. Glad to hear Jim is recovering from his self inflicted wound and Sandie be sure not to wear your colors to the laundry room.

  4. Glad to hear Jim is recovering from his self inflicted wounds and be sure not to wear your colors to the laundry room Sandie.

  5. Oh Sandie....your girl's just like a "clean bowl". LOL LOL
    Glad Jim is o.k.....I did the same thing many years ago while moving. I cut off the top of one of my knuckles...ended up in urgent care....but the funniest thing is Brad found the tiny piece and took it to the hospital with us in case they could sew it back on. Gotta love that man!!



  6. That does look like a nice RV park, but it must be pretty noisy with the bikes. How does it compare to the planes?

  7. Thank goodness Jim didn't end up with stitches or worse yet a missing finger. Those snippers can be dangerous. Take care

  8. Wow, that park looks great and sorry to hear about Jim's finger!

  9. Is that white stuff snow?? I would certainly hate to have that greet us on our way south.

  10. So no more scissors for Jim?? That is a nice looking campground.

  11. I never understood the need for loud exhaust pipes on motorcycles. Every time one of those loud bikes roars past me I feel my fillings loosen... :cO

  12. The park looks like a postcard! sorry about Jim's finger... ouch

    I do not like the motorcycle noise. They do not have to have them THAT loud.

  13. Just wondered what kinds of tough treats you feed the girls that Jim needs tin snips to cut them up haha!! Have to admit, we used to cut up that chicken jerky for our dogs and it was hard to cut. Then we found out it's not really good for them so we gave it up. Russ never cut his fingers but he did cut the cat once trying to cut out a hair mat!! I know TMI!! Nice looking park. Stay outta that white stuff.

  14. Ouch, hope his finger heals easily. Funny about your pups being fussy on the grass. Just saw on the news that the mountains are getting early snow. Time to head south.

  15. Ouch on the finger....get different treats, they sound too hard for the girls teeth anyway. Perhaps if you left Skittlz on the leash in the dog park and walked her around, she would be okay with it...of course, this only applies if there are not other dogs. Otherwise, you may have to go to garden shop and buy them a square of grass.

  16. Are the ducks fighting or dancing? Never seen that before.

    Don't ever let Jim use a meat clever...scary stuff.


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