Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trains and Planes

Sparks, NV  High 78  Low 46

Okay where were we? Leaving Twin Falls. I had thought we were going to spend the next night at the Elko Walmart. Not happening. It’s difficult to get in to and the parking spots are not set up for a rig to straddle them. Small rigs would be okay.

We called a couple of RV parks in the area and they wanted $47 for a night. That was not happening either. I knew there was a small city park at Battle Mountain about 70 miles down the road and Jim said he was up to the drive.

Now city park is rather an exaggeration but they did have five RV spots. No hookups but water at a couple of the sites. And best of all It’s free.


We got backed in and settled when all of a sudden we hear this rumbling noise and realize that we are about 100 feet from a railroad track and a railroad crossing. This picture was taken from inside the rig.


Jim can sleep through anything and I am getting better at blocking our some noise. I only counted three trains during the night. However, since we had covered 70 miles that I hadn’t planned on, my plans for the next night got changed. We were going to stay at the Winnemucca Walmart but instead we drove the 216 miles to Sparks, NV.

We parked at Baldini’s Casino and decided we’d spend three nights there before we moved to the Sparks Marina RV Park. We had train noise but it was much further away and no big deal.


But – we were directly under the landing pattern for the airport. And the airport wasn’t far away so the planes were very low when they flew over. The good thing is that they must not let them land between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.


We met up with friends who were also camping at Baldini’s. Went to dinner at the Black Bear Diner. We originally met Diana and Phil at Superstition Skies in Apache Junction. Barbara and Diana are sisters and we also met Barbara and Ron at Skies last spring.

Jim, Sandie, Barbara, Ron, Diana, and Phil.


We have moved to the rv park and I was ready for full hook ups again. We were getting low on fresh water and my computer needed a good charge. Now hopefully I can catch up with blogs, yours and mine.


  1. It reminds me somewhat of the movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" which I thought was the funniest thing I've ever seen. There is a train track very close to my motel, and I remember from living in this area that one goes by some time between 3 and 4 am. I sure didn't hear anything last night!

  2. How great to meet up with some friends.

  3. $47 ... holy moly ... never did eat at a Black Bear Diner. Was going to several times .... can't recall why I didn't. Nice, comfy picture with your pals.

  4. I thought Diana and Phil were in Yellowstone.

    I absolutely hate staying at places close to train tracks with nearby crossings. You have my sympathy.

  5. There's something about hearing a train whistle during the night that's kind of eerie... I love it! But kinda sounds like you got your fill of "things that go wooooooowoooooo in the night". I've never met any of the folks in your photos, but love seeing RV travelers get together... what fun!

  6. Well, now everybody knows how far behind I am on the blog! It was sure fun to see you guys, and dinner was great.

  7. Where are you headed in the future? We live in Placerville, CA off Hwy 50 between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. If you'll be anywhere near us, we'd love to meet up! We hope to FT next summer and have loved meeting some on-line RV folks!

  8. I can't believe RV parks have the nerve to charge $47 for a site and some people pay it. I know how some of those free spots can be be pretty noisy.

  9. If we're going to spend $47 a night, it had better be ocean front and we'd better be more than just overnight. When we're just driving through, a Walmart works great.

  10. We are in Yellowstone West and in a back lot someplace. Please do not ask where! Yellowstone has closed most of the campgrounds and the rest have RV's backed up at the gates, pleading to enter. The RV parks around here want $60.00 up for an overnight stay. No, this has not been a fun day.

  11. Great picture of the airplane - it's so clear, it seems like it's right there. Maybe because it was! Cute picture of all of us. It was really nice seeing you guys. Don't worry Diana, they'll know how far behind you are when I post too.

  12. We have a train not far from here too. Doug calls it the "angry train". It's whistle is quite angry.

  13. I am a fan of trains. Except when I'm trying to sleep. :)

  14. For an overnight spot , free is the best way to go.
    Looks like you found the spots that worked for you.

  15. Hi Sandi, Rich's sister lives in Reno. We used to park in Sparks along the banks of the Truckee when we visited. I'm so far behind on blogs that I'll never catch up. I think of you and Jim often, though, as you've always been so kind to me.

  16. We thought it was a rule that RV parks had to be near trains and roads and now planes.


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